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COK Sodality is the largest credit union in the English speaking Caribbean in terms of membership which comprise over 240,000 persons. COK has a bond that requires a belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. It is therefore able to serve members across the entire island through its 5 branches, a multi service call centre and 3 ATM’s. COK also serves Jamaicans in North America, the UK, Grand Cayman and other parts of the Caribbean. The credit union also owns a remittance company and operates a Cambio. COK has been a trendsetter with one of its latest feats a being a $300M Deferred Share Offer in 2011 which was oversubscribed by the deadline date. This was the largest raised by a credit union from the market. COK officially commenced Micro lending in July 2011 and now has a portfolio valued at $41.76M. Read more......Read less


CEEDENS Company Limited is a private company that manufactures and distributes clothing items. It primarily concentrates on niche manufacturing of sports clothing under the ‚Ä úAWASAUH‚ÄĚ brand. The company is situated in the heart of the fast moving business district of Down town Kingston. Our Mission is to ‚Äúdeliver the highest quality product through excellent customer service‚ÄĚ.

The company is an eight year old innovator that has carved its way and sits within the top three sports clothing manufacturing companies in Jamaica. The company also has clients in Antigua, Turks and Caicos Island and is also exploring options in the Cayman Islands.

CEEDENS pride itself on building a loyal and hard working staff. The staffs are hand picked from certified persons who are then trained with the unique CEEDENS style (quality finish). The ‚Äúfamily approach‚ÄĚ to staff management, ensures that the staff participates in decisions which create feelings of owning the process.

The company will be expanding to include a retail outlet (to service walk-in clients) as there is no such retail store in the Down town area. The company ensures the efficient management of delivering its products to the marketplace which considers manufacturing, transportation, logistics, travel, printing, consulting and after-sales service. The goods are generally picked up by the clients, but provision is made for those who wish to explore a delivery service option.

The company’s manufacturing plant is equipped with the critical machinery and equipment to ensure its efficiency, continuous operations and its production of quality product.

CEEDENS management team accumulates over thirty years experience and its Managing Director honing over eighteen years experience. The management’s emphasis on quality finish and excellent service has provided a key ingredient for the business success. The company’s management also ensures consistent business process reviews and extracts the lesson s learnt for future reference.

Designers and Manufactures of Awahsuh Designs
Screen Printing
Delivery Islandwide
Heat Transfer.
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Overview of the Jamaica Stock Exchange

The Jamaica Stock Exchange ( JSE ) is an august institution which was incorporated in 1968 and started operation in 1969. The JSE started its operation at the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) building and moved to its present building situated at 40 Harbour Street in 1998. The JSE's principal mandate is the mobilization of capital to facilitate the growth and development of companies and by extension the economy.

The JSE Group has evolved over time into a strong and reputable business.

There were four founding members:

Mr. Willard Samms - Annett & Company Limited
Mr. Raglan I. Golding - Capital Market Services (Ja) Ltd.
Mr. Edward E. Gayle - Edward Gayle & Company Ltd.
Mr. Anthony Lloyd - Pitfield McKay Ross & Co Ltd.

Mission Statement

To contribute to the growth and development of the countries in which we operate by facilitating the mobilization, exchange and expansion of capital while providing a return o n equity that is acceptable to our shareholders.


To promote the orderly and transparent development of the stock market and the stock exchange in Jamaica. To ensure that the stock market and its broker members operate at the highest standards practicable To develop, apply and enforce the rules designed to ensure public confidence in the stock market and its broker members To provide facilities for the transaction of stock market business To conduct research, disseminate relevant information and maintain local and international relationships which can enhance the development of the Jamaica stock market.

The Basic Functions of the Stock Exchange

To provide an additional channel for encouraging and mobilizing domestic savings
To foster the growth of the domestic financial services sector
To provide savers with greater opportunities to protect themselves against inflation
To increase the overall efficiency of investment
To facilitate priva tization
To improve the gearing of the domestic corporate sector and help reduce corporate dependence on borrowing.
Stock trading is restricted to Broker-members who trade both as agents and as principals. In the latter capacity, certain restrictions apply to transactions between a Broker and his own client.

The Exchange is governed by a Board of Directors, which has the following composition:

The Governor of the Central Bank (Bank of Jamaica) or his nominee
A representative of the Ministry of Finance
Three persons other than shareholders
Up to ten shareholders representing members.

The JSE Group provides a wide range of services to the market. The primary services of the JSE Group are:

The trading of securities on its Markets, (Main, Junior, Bond and the US Denominated Market)
Creation of accounts in the Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD)
Pledging of securities registered in the JCSD
Inter-CSD movements between Regional CSD ’s Settlement of trades through the JCSD
Trustee Services
and Registrar Services

The JSE Group offers secondary services, these are:

Annual Investments and Capital Markets Conference
The Best Practices Awards
The National Investor Education Week
Market Research Competition
Training and Education
Stock Market Game
ISIN Issuing Agency

What is Online Trading?

Online trading simply refers to buying and selling of securities via the Internet.
The Jamaica Stock Exchange Online Trading Platform gives investors to trade directly securities listed on the Exchange.
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Stationery and Office Supplies Ltd. (SOS) has been in the business of selling high quality stationery and office furniture since we opened our doors in 1965 - only three years after Jamaica’s Independence.

SOS is a distributor for anything you need to run an efficient and organised office. We carry items from pens, pencils, erasers and post-it pads to desks, chairs, stationery cupboards and fire resistant cabinets. Any item that is not in stock from our large inventory of products can be specially ordered and shipped in at the customer’s request.

Over time, SOS has grown and adapted to the changing Jamaican business and economic environment while gaining valuable experience along the way.

We invite you to call or visit our offices at any time to request a free consultation from one of our experienced sales executives who will help you to select products best suited for your business.

In Kingston we have a 5,000 sq. ft. showroom floor filled with samples of the various furniture and stationery items available from stock. We also have a branch in Montego Bay with a new showroom displaying furniture and stationery and with qualified staff waiting to assist you with your every need.

The in-house support staff is always ready to answer any questions. Our sales executives are equipped with a full range of catalogues, samples and prices make your decisions fast and as easy as possible. Our staff is all about personal service that makes the everyday business of buying stationery and office furniture just a little more enjoyable and stress free for you.
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‚ÄúValuation is considered as the art /science of estimating the market value for a specific purpose of a particular interest in property at a particular moment in time taking into account all the features or characteristics of the property and also considering the underlying economic factors of the market including the range of alternative investments‚ÄĚ. A F. Millington

To properly define the term ‚Äėvaluation‚Äô we must first seek to understand what is meant by ‚Äėvalue‚Äô, as they are both linked. Value can be defined as the estimated monetary worth of real property. In other words, it is the assumed price for anything directly attached to land or land by itself. Noting this, valuation can be defined as a professional‚Äôs opinion on value, for real property, which is heavily based on market research. The opinion is normally expressed in a valuation report, which is prepared by the professional.

Property sales - A valuation is needed during property sales because it can be used as a guide to assist the owner and/or agent as to how much they can receive for the property in an open market. This allows the owner and/or agent to understand how the market will respond to the property being sold. This will contribute to more speeder sales being experienced within the market. Unfortunately, most persons advertise property without seeking professional advice and this sometimes results in properties experiencing a lengthier time on the market.

Acquisition - When purchasing a property, a potential purchaser would want to make sure that they are not overspending when making an investment. This is where a valuation would be needed. It is important to know how much the property is worth before buying it.

Mortgage financing - Also, when acquiring property, a potential purchaser may seek financial assistance from an institution in the form a loan. In order for the institution to assist in this way, they have to know how much the property is worth. This is where a valuation would be required. The institution relies on the professional’s expertise as to the value of the property to derive at a decision to give or not give the loan to the potential purchaser.

Legal issues - There are times when the determination of a value for the property is needed to settle disputes. For example, if a husband and wife own a property jointly and they are in the process of getting a divorce, a valuation may be required to determine the property’s value. This will assist the attorneys handling the case to separate the asset equally.

Tax - Valuations are normally done by government agencies to calculate the relevant land taxes that are to be paid by each land owner annually.

There are several other instances for which a valuation may be required to assist a client. However, whatever the reason may be, it must be understood that a valuation is a professional’s opinion based on research. Therefore, the professional has to do their research proper ly because the accuracy of the value depends on it. Therefore, if the information garnered by the professional is limited, the less accurate the value will be.
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We are an ideas company. Whether the communications expression is needed through a paid advertisement on television, radio, billboard, or in the newspaper, or whether it is th rough point-of- sale or digital or a label design, we collaborate across the media spectrum to create unusually imaginative and original ideas.

Our entire passion is to create work of the highest standard that either creates sales enquiries, or builds brand equity, or disrupts existing consumer behaviour. Whatever we do must work to the advantage of the brand, or to the disadvantage of the competition.

Our overarching vision is of a company of the highest integrity embracing honest employees who are able embrace a sense of humour in an effort to maintain sanity.

Our complete idea philosophy is built around the conceptual consumer and what we have to do to cause a change in behaviour of that conceptual consumer. To paint a picture of our conceptual consumer we chart a course of what happens through their typical day, what brands they consume, what food and drink they consume, what media they consume, and what their challenges and inspirations are, and how our brand will better their lives.
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