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Bethel Baptist Church Pharmacy was founded on November 11, 1954 with a group of 15 young, fervent Christians. Bethel Baptist Church Pharmacy has been fortunate to have a rich history over the past 50 years. Bethel Baptist Church Pharmacy provides Music, Men's Brotherhood, Youth Related, Healing, Sunday school, Social Work, Mission & Evangelism, Women's Federation, Communications, House Prayer Fellowship, Bethel Lay Institute (BLI) and HIV/AIDS Outreach. Read more......Read less


Jamaica Hospital Supplies is the leader for quality health care equipment, supplies and service. We offer equipment and supplies for hospitals, doctors’ offices, dental offi ces, home care, vet clinics, laboratories, radiology labs and physiotherapy. We are dedicated to providing you with quality heath care products. Read more......Read less


Jamaica Hospital Supplies is the leader for quality health care equipment, supplies and service. We offer equipment and supplies for hospitals, doctors’ offices, dental offi ces, home care, vet clinics, laboratories, radiology labs and physiotherapy. We are dedicated to providing you with quality heath care products. Read more......Read less


Optical Solutions provides designer frames branded as Ray-Ban, Tag Heuer, Levi’s, Nicole Miller, Jaguar, Police, New Balance, Hart schaffner, Porsche, Hummer, Bebe, Mercedes Benz, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani and Donald Trump. Optical solutions also provide best rates, widest selection of designer frames, excellent services, most spacious & relaxing surroundings and excellent after sales service. Read more......Read less


Tropi Shades is your shade solution partner serving people, beautifying properties and your events island wide in Jamaica. Tropi Shades, a family-owned business, has been in e xistence for more than 25 years. Its core business is tent rental and awning sales.

We provide tents with you in mind, for your Special Events, Parties, Weddings, Corporate, Schools or Sporting Events. Our inventories of tents include various sizes and colours including: clear, bright, pastels and stripes. We also provide accessories for tents such as: Linings, Air Condition Units, Generator and Flooring.

Purchase a Tropi Shades Tent for your own personal or business purposes and we will brand it for you, so you can utilise it at promotional or special functions. Without a doubt, we will aid you in increasing your visibility. Our tents are manufactured right here in Jamaica.

Available Sizes

• 10 x 10
• 10 x 20
• 15 x 15
• 15 x 20
• 20 x 20
• 20 x 30
• 20 x 40
• 30 x 30
• 30 x 40
• 30 x 60
• 40 x 40
• 40 x 50
• 40 x 60
• 40 x 80
• 40 x 100

Enhance style, attractiveness and value to your home with Tropi Shades. They are specifically tailored for residential and commercial properties. Free estimates are offered for our awnings. We do furnish all types which includes Canvas, Vinyl, Backlit & Signs, Aluminium, and Retractable.

Tropi Shades also offers:

• Feather Banners
• Mesh Banners
• Vinyl Banners
• Storage Bags
• Tarpaulins
• Van Covers

Tent Rental and Sales;Heat Sealing/Welding;Sewing of Banners;Customised Jobs
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The Mico University College (The Mico) is a tertiary education institution in Kingston, Jamaica. The focus of this institution is on teacher training, but it offers programmes in a variety of disciplines. The Mico provides diverse opportunities for the achievement of higher education through flexible and comprehensive Bachelor's, Master's, Post Diploma and Certificate programmes.

The Mico was founded in 1835 through the Lady Mico Charity, one of four teacher training institutions established during this period in the British colonies and the only one to survive to the present. The oldest teacher training institution in the Western Hemisphere and English-speaking world.

The Mico University College was established as a nondenominational Christian institution that caters both to male and female students. Over the years the institution has undergone expansion and development, both physically and in its academic programmes.

In the 1970's the Government started trainin t eachers for children with special needs, as well as funding for the training of teachers in these schools. Consequently, The Mico was selected by the Government as the college to offer this training. By the 1980s, The Mico was not only providing such teachers for schools in Jamaica, but for the entire Englishspeaking Caribbean.

In addition, through assistance from the Government of the Netherlands, the College established The Mico University College Diagnostic and Therapeutic Centre (the CARE Centre) to diagnose the learning challenges of multiple handicapped children and design individualised instructional techniques for these students. This Centre is the only one of its kind in the Commonwealth Caribbean and has gained international recognition.

Degree Programmes

The Mico over the years has offered Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes in:

Early Childhood Education
Primary Education
Secondary Education
Special Education
Education Administr ation

Some of the programmes that the institution now offers include Bachelors and Masters degree programmes in Language and Literacy, Information Studies, Literature and Literacy, Guidance and Counselling, Physical Education, Social Studies, School Management and Leadership, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Geography And Environmental Studies, Heritage Studies, History and Culture, Arts in Education, Science Education, Mathematics Education, Industrial Technology and Family and Consumer Science.

The Mico University College is managed by a Board of Directors and The Mico Foundation which has a 12 member Board. The President is a member of each board. He is the Managing Director of the Foundation.

The University College offers undergraduate degree programmes through three faculties: the Faculty of Education and Liberal Arts, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Science and Technology. Each faculty is managed by a dean.

Additionally, furth er studies are being offered through the School of Continuing Studies which supports students in upgrading their qualifications to enable them to matriculate into undergraduate and graduate programme.

Apply now!
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Comprehensive Fire Service Ltd. offers prompt delivery and a wide range of services. We service and recharge fire extinguishers; and supply safety boots, emergency lamp, glov es, hats, fire alarms and first aid kits. Read more......Read less


Kurmarc Marketing Ltd specializes in medical supplies and prescription packaging solutions. Kurmarc Marketing Ltd supplies Wound Care Products, Urology Products, Pregnancy Tes t Kits, Home Care Products, Rehabilitation Aids and Pharmacy Warning Labels. Read more......Read less


Racs Enterprises Ltd distributes disposable medical supplies paraphernalia, and life saving equipment. We stock everything from bandages to urine bags for our hospital and pha rmaceutical clientele as well as the general public. Read more......Read less


Aeronautical Telecommunications Limited (AEROTEL) was established in August 1978 for the provision of Engineering and Telecommunication services, including those formerly prov ided by the International Aeradio (Caribbean) Limited which operated in Jamaica between July 1950 and July 1978. The services provided were navigational services through radio and telegraph links which gave information on the movement of aircraft. The agency provides navigational aids for its three systems-the VOR (Very high-frequency Omni directional Radio range), DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) and the NDB (Non-Directional Radio Beacon).

AEROTEL now provides, installs, maintains, and operates Aeronautical Telecommunications facilities and systems on behalf of the Government of Jamaica, for the Civil Aviation Authority of Jamaica, the Meteorological Office of Jamaica, the Airport Authority of Jamaica, the Airlines and Users of Jamaica's Flight Information Region. In addition, the company offers speciali sed Telecommunications Services to other Public and Private Sector Organisations operating in Jamaica. These facilities are used for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Aids for all Aircraft operating in the region.

Currently, AEROTEL maintains all digital microwave links and air traffic telecommunications for the Civil Aviation Authority in keeping with the standards and practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

In 1999, AEROTEL was granted a licence for Airport Broadcasting System, this was later upgraded to commercial radio broadcasting.

In November 2001, Kool 97 FM was launched. It is owned and operated by AEROTEL. Under the terms of its licence, it focuses on flight schedules, weather information and any other relevant information pertaining to activities taking place at Jamaica's International airports. It also airs features highlighting Jamaica as a tourist destination and depicting aspects of Jamaica's culture, using music as the conduit.
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Established in 1977, the Scientific & Medical Supplies Ltd is a large company with affiliates across the Caribbean. Since operating in Jamaica, we have supplied and serviced h ospital equipment. We also supply medical supplies for laboratories and home care. We offer direct sale of supplies and equipment to over seventeen (17) English speaking Caribbean islands and is the largest supplier of its kind.

Medical Supplies

Living Aids, Wound Care, Wipes, Catheters, Dressings, and More

• Microbiology Supplies
• Chemicals
• Syringes and Needles
• Blood Testing Reagents
• Microscopes

Hospital Supply Sales and Service

Tables, Beds, Carts, Biohazard Containers, Gurneys, and More

• Diagnostic Sets
• Operating Instruments
• Oxygen Cylinder Set Up
• Suction Machines
• Nipro Dialysis Supplies and Equipment

Homecare Supplies

Wheelchairs, Walkers, Diabetic Supplies, Orthopedic Products, and More

• Cervical Collars• Hot/Cold Packs
• Digital Blood Pressure Monitors
• Adult Briefs
• Band Aids
• Cotton Wool
• Blood Pressure Monitors
• Examination Tables
• Insulin Syringes
• Nebulizers
• Thermometers
• Latex Gloves

Largest distributor in Jamaica
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Channer Guyan Dr MBBS DM (ENT) FCCS FACS
ENT Specialist;Stapes Surgery;Stapes Surgery;Skull Base Surgeon;Certified MBBS FCCS MD

Dr. Channer developed a keen inter est for otolaryngology (ENT) during his medical degree pursuit at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Jamaica. He also completed his ENT residency at UWI as well as several institutions in the United Kingdom and was the top performer across all surgical disciplines.

As an ENT consultant, he diagnoses and manages diseases of the ear, nose and throat. These include ear infections, hoarseness, goiters (thyroid swellings), tonsil and adenoids, wax impaction, foreign bodies, snoring and sinusitis.

Dr. Channer further super-specialized in otology, neurotology and skull base surgery at the University of Miami to become the only superspecialist in the english-speaking Caribbean. Neurotology is a medical superspecialty within the field of otolaryngology that focuses on pathologies involving the ear, organ and nerve of hearing and balance and their courses to the brainstem. These include hearing loss, dizziness (vertigo), BPPV, glomus tumours, otosclerosis and acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma).

Aware of on-going technological advances, he constantly upgrades his training, by attending several continuing education seminars locally and overseas, publishing research and chapters in journals and medical texts thus ensuring he provides patients with the best treatment options available.

He is also a member of several local and international associations inclusive of American college of surgeons, American Neurotology association, American academy of Otolaryngologist, Jamaica and Caribbean association of Otolaryngology.

Make an appointment with Dr. Channer today by contacting us at:

Andrews Memorial Hospital
27 Hope Rd
Kingston 10
Tel: 633-0108, 618-1810, 926-7403
Fax: 633-0109

Island Health Care
923 Miller Rd
Passage Fort
St Catherine
Tel: 704-7500, 988-7600
Fax: 704-1843

Email: drchanner.entoffice@gmail.com
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Kirk Distributors Limited is one of the leading providers of International consumer brands in Jamaica. Driven by a team of committed persons with a common purpose

Estab lished in 2004 by Mr. Glenford Christian, Founder and Chairman of the Cari-Med Group of Companies, Kirk Distributors Limited takes great pride in sharing with Cari-Med’s long tradition of leadership and dedication to excellence. A quiet giant in the marketplace, we deliver consistent, high quality products and services to our consumers while increasing market penetration, profit and value creation with our partners, and the community.

We specialise in the distribution and marketing of a wide range of quality consumer products. Our brands are extensive and diverse, yet operations are simple and lean. This allows us to maintain dominance and a competitive edge in the industry. Our portfolio includes major brands such as Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Clorox, Sarah Lee and Voortman, J. P. Foods, Coffee Traders, Ajax Bleach and Genie floor polish.
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The Book Merchant Ltd. offers a rich and comprehensive range of up-to-date publications and educational solutions for institutions, at all levels. The company markets, sources , retails and distributes educational solutions for all learners and educators.

Our customers include students, booksellers, educators, schools and all stakeholders in education. As primary agents for Scholastic Inc. and Pearson Higher Education – two of the world's leading publishers, we are experts at finding and supplying appropriate texts or learning material for just about any course of study from the Pre-School to the post-secondary level.

The Book Merchant Ltd.'s mission is to make a vital contribution to the educational development of people of the Caribbean region by providing affordable, appropriate and cutting-edge learning material to all students at the kindergarten level and beyond.

The Book Merchant Ltd. has evolved throughout the years to become a dynamic, multi-faceted organis ation with a Caribbean reach extending throughout 25 territories. Today, the Company maintains an inextricable business partnership with powerful world-renowned publishing leaders – Pearson Higher Education and Scholastic Inc. Together, these two publishing houses and their associates provide an impressive range of education solutions, in print and digital format, producing materials for kindergarten to the tertiary level, library publishing, teacher resources, educational supplements, with further teaching and learning support material from accompanying websites.
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Delivering caring eye care services & attractive eyewear products

Sight Savers Optical’ success begins with the belief that our customers and employees are our most t rusted and valued assets. We are proud and caring people working together in harmony with our community to provide a long lasting, memorable and value-added product and service, to create a loyal and satisfied customer for life.

We always put our customers first as their needs are our topmost priority. For all your protective eyewear, sports lenses, sports glasses and transition lenses come to Sight Savers Optical. We also specialize in the contacts that you need including cosmetic lens, low vision aids and specialty lens. We stock the latest designer frames, distortion free lenses, soft and RGP cosmetic lens and more.

We are also equipped with a fully computerized state-of-the-art laboratory to handle your needs. Our optometrist and ophthalmologist are available to address all your eye care related co ncerns. Let us be your first preference for eye care services and products today. Come and visit us soon.
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Church Of God Of Prophecy was founded in 1921. Church Of God Of Prophecy has been a place for Christ-Exalting, Holiness, Spirit-Filled, All-Notion, Disciple-Making and Church- Planting Movement without a passion for Christian Union.

Our Locations:

Camp Site

New Covenant Bible Institute

R C Smith Kindergarten

203 Olympic Wy (20)

24 Mall Rd (11)

36 Maxfield Av (13)

Airy Castle Rd Stony Hill

Rock Hall

Seven Miles
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GlaxoSmithKline Caribbean Ltd has a rich history that goes back to the early eighteenth century. GlaxoSmithKline Caribbean Ltd is one of the world's leading research-based pha rmaceutical and healthcare companies. GlaxoSmithKline Caribbean Ltd is one of the few pharmaceutical companies researching both medicines and vaccines for the World Health Organization’s three priority diseases - HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and also treat major disease areas such as asthma, anti-virals, infections, mental health, diabetes, cardiovascular and digestive conditions. Read more......Read less


Environmental & Engineering Managers Ltd. was established to aid the support and execution of activities which will safeguard and handle the natural resources and environment of Jamaica; and improve child development through provision of funding to non-governmental and community based organisations, academic institutions and stakeholders. Read more......Read less

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