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The Courtleigh Hotels & Suites is located only 25 minutes away from the Norman Manley International Airport in the heart of the city's premiere financial district, New Kingsto n, Jamaica the hotel offers, to discerning guests, unparalleled personalized service. Kingston's top shopping, cultural and entertainment centers, nightclubs, restaurants, international business offices and embassies are within a five-minute walk.

The Courtleigh Hotel & Suites is the perfect jump off point for visits to the old pirate city of Port Royal , the famous Devon House, the Bob Marley Museum (former home of the Reggae King), Lime Cay for swimming and the magnificent Blue Mountains (over 7000 feet above sea level) for hiking, birding or sightseeing tour.

The Courtleigh Hotel & Suites offer unparalleled personalized services. The hotel features deluxe rooms and suites, business centre, meeting facilities, pub, pool bar, restaurant, lounge and other amenities. You will enjoy your stay with us, as we await your arrival.
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Hi-Tech M D R L Ltd has been in business for over 30 years. We are a medical diagnostic & research laboratory offering diagnostic services all across Jamaica.

Hi-Tech M edical Diagnostic & Research Laboratory Ltd’s trained and courteous staff can provide you with quality diagnostic services. These include pregnancy test, blood test, Pap smear, semen analysis, semen wash for IUI and voluntary counseling testing (HIV). We offer discounts for senior citizens and NHF public health clinic. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Additionally,commercial and industrial accounts are welcomed.

Multiple locations of Hi-Tech M D R L Ltd such as :

Main Office
139 Maxfield Avenue (10)
929-7673 / 837-3526

Melmac Medical Centre
9 Melmac Avenue (5)
754-1716 / 754- 1718 / 538-5383

The Medical Centre
185 Mountain View Avenue (6)
946-0392 / 837-3526

York Medical & Emergency Care
91 HWT Road (10)
620-9461 / 538-5383

Bethel Baptist Clinic
929-6979 / 837-3526

12 Aug usta
Dr, Independence City
939-7749 / 538-5385

Samm's Plaza
7 Thompson Road
Buff Bay 538-5381

20A Sommers Town Road
Port Antonio
330-0695 / 541-6441

Mirimar Medical
14 Mirimar
Dr, Morant Bay
982-1364 / 538- 5382

9 Murray Avenue
Morant Bay
982-2939 / 538-5382

Intown Medical Centre
8 Queen Street
Morant Bay
703-6666 /836-1623
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Jamaica's premier instant loan company, and primary source of bargains and value for money when dealing with Pre-owned items. Our instant loan service otherwise called Pawn lo ans has similarities to the regular payday loans, same day loans and short-term loans. Except that Good as New loan is instant, on the spot, and totally hassle free.

We also sell used, new & scratch and dent appliances and electronics at great bargains.

Good As New is the authorised dealer for ATL scratch and Dent appliance and Electronics, offering superb deals on the high end products with minor scratches and blemishes. This adds to the fundamental of our brand in bringing as Good As New products to our loyal customers.

Young professionals on the verge of starting life on their own will find Good As New the ideal place to shop, while avoiding the eventual frustrations of trying to conquer that mountain of debt incurred by traditional means of acquiring much needed items.

The smart sho pper, who needs or wants an item of immediate necessity, will be sure to find great options at awesome prices.

Good As New is a chain of stores owned and operated by Mainwell Enterprises Limited.

Disclaimer. Good As New does not purchase for resale any item/s stolen or unscrupulously acquired.
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GB Energy acquired the CHEVRON TEXACO in Jamaica in November 2012. After assuming control of operations, GB Energy has significantly grown and invested in the Jamaican market.

Today we supply 67 stations, have increased the number of industrial accounts as well as our market share in Aviation fueling supply. GB Energy is also present in one terminal in the Jamaican market.

GB Energy Jamaica has strong ties to the community with an active participation in the American Chamber of Commerce, the Private Sector Organization and the Jamaican Chamber of Commerce.

With a committed team of dedicated and passionate employees, GB Energy, through the Texaco brand, is looking to be the “Partner of Choice” in energy solutions for industries and individuals alike through its network of service stations, consumer and industrial accounts, aviation fueling facilities, marine bunker options and LPG supply. Reliability, efficiency, competitive pricing and cost saving solutions are at the core of our beliefs.
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Peak Bottling is a privately owned limited liability company engaged in the bottling and distribution of spring water since 1992. The factory is located at Newcastle in Jamaic a's famous Blue Mountains where spring water is bottled at source and packaged under Catherines Peak lable. The company's administration and sales office is located at Courtney Walsh Drive (formerly Derrymore Road). From a true rain forest of 5,000ft elevation flows this pure, crisp natural spring named Lady Catherine De La Harpe, property owner in 1812, water is piped to a large storage tank and then into the factory which is at source. The water is filtered to remove suspended solids and treated with UV sterilizers and ozone to remove bacteria. Bottling of the water is then done semi-automatically. The product is then capped, cartooned and stored for delivery. Microbiological tests are done daily in the company's laboratory. The Jamaica Bureau of Standards, the official national standards body, also performs regular verification tests on the product quality. Peak Bottling has been certified by The Jamaica Bureau of Standards. An annual test is conducted on the finished product by Broward Testing Laboratory in Florida Read more......Read less


Welcome to Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd.

Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd. has the reputation for producing superior quality products for the export markets throughout the Caribbea n, North America and European countries.

We are the largest of four coffee processing plants in Jamaica, and the only soluble coffee processing plant in the Caribbean. The company has been in the coffee processing business since 1958.

A wholly owned Jamaican company, Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd. (SALF) is listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, since its inception in 1969.

The company maintains an intensive quality assurance operation, and is committed to an ongoing program of research and development.

In addition to coffee, Salada produces a range of other beverages, drink mixes and dessert products. The diverse range of premium products offered by Salada, meets consumer expectations and distributors are assured of advertising, promotional and marketing support, tailored to meet the needs and characteristics of their market.

Salada is committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality at the most competitive prices for both the local and export market.

Salada, by it's commitment, endeavours to improve the quality of life of it's employees, optimize the returns to it's shareholders and contribute to the wellbeing of the communities we serve in Jamaica and else where.

Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd. caters to the wide ranging tastes of all coffee lovers, and supplies a full compliment of Jamaican coffee in roasted and ground, roasted whole beans and soluble coffee (instants).
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This Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee estate is the first fully integrated single Blue Mountain coffee estate in modern-day Jamaica. We are also Jamaica’s first fully environme ntally friendly 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee estate processing facility.

What type of coffee plant do we grow on our estate? -We grow the “ORIGINAL” Arabica Typica Coffee Berries brought from Ethiopia hundreds of years ago. It is very expensive to grow, but we grow it for its “Exceptional” taste and cup quality. Greenwich Mountain Estate Limited has, until now, remained an exclusive Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee family treasure. This is the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee estate that pays true homage to the time-honoured methods once used by the Jamaican Blue Mountains’ original coffee growers.

The Greenwich Mountain Estate bean, unlike any other Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee counterpart, is grown on an estate that is 100% self-sufficient. This affords us the seedling to- cup quality control needed to ensure a bean that is nurtured like no other Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.
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Over twenty years ago, the Meadowbrook congregation of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, envisaged the need for the acquisition of a burial site outside of the congested Kingston Metropolitan region. This vision was later embraced by the entire Untied Church and culminated in 1994 with the establishment of Meadowrest Memorial Gardens –a project which is owned and continues to be operated by the United Church.

The Gardens are located in the Red Pond/Frasers Content/Whittaker’s Mountain area, off the St. John’s road in St. Catherine on 55 acres of rolling countryside of natural beauty, in rustic but easily accessible terrane. The business office is approximately situated in the building which houses the Synod Administrative Office of the United Church at 12 Carlton Crescent, Kingston and in the same general compound as Webster Memorial United Church.

Available to persons of all denominations and the general public, the facilities include single and double vaults as well as urn vaults for the in-earth interment of ashes. A modern spacious chapel with a capacity of over 200 provides the option for persons interring the remains of loved ones in the Gardens of holding funeral/thanksgiving services in close proximity to the place of interment.

Meadowrest provides Internment Data Cards to bereaved families to assist in identifying the specific vaults in which loved ones are interred. There is in operation a referral service for the provision of Grief Counselling and a newsletter “The Caregiver” is published quarterly. In addition, the Annual Memorial Service held in the Chapel on the third Sunday in November and the Annual Funeral Directors’ Appreciation Function held in April each year are an integral part of the calendar of the Gardens.

Meadowrest Memorial Gardens has an unswerving commitment to:-
(a) Serve clients in a sensitive, caring and comforting setting through highly motivated professional personnel
(b) Develop and maintain the Gardens and related services at the highest possible standards
(c) Ensure viability of the project and integrity in all aspects of its operations in keeping with the tenets of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.
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Meadowrest Memorial Gardens offers ‘comfort and care in a time of grief’. We have a spacious chapel, and provide grief counseling. We accept all major debit and credit c ards as payment option. Read more......Read less


A stately 20th century Great House transformed into Kingston’s most luxurious boutique hotel, Terra Nova offers a perfect balance of signature Caribbean hospitality and worl d-class business conveniences.

The Terra Nova All Suite Hotel rests proudly in the heart of New Kingston, Jamaica, welcoming guests with its lush gardens, stunning grandeur, impeccable service and exceptional cuisine, making it the hotel of choice whether your stay is one of business or pleasure.

A symbol of white glove service, the hotel remains the only boutique hotel in Kingston catering specifically to the discerning business traveller. The luxurious, spacious suites have been decorated to the highest standards, outfitted with the latest in-room technologies/amenities – smart tvs with wireless keyboards, walk in rain showers, walk-in closets, plush European linens- and are individually designed with complete comfort in mind. The sprawling, King-sized Signature Executive and Signature Luxury Suites are gracious and private, each unique in design and décor, bridging opulent old world charm with ultramodern amenities.

Winner of the 2013 Restaurant of the Year award, the Terra Nova has three dining options that have earned a reputation for excellent cuisine and remarkable service. The daily buffet breakfast is typically Jamaican with a clear favourite being the famous “Ackee and Saltfish” complemented by the hotel’s world class “Blue Mountain Coffee”. The daily buffet lunch is varied with different menus presented each day. The Awarding-winning Sunday Brunch in the Venetian offers over 80 hot, cold and sweet buffet items creating a virtual feast for the entire family.

The Terra Nova Hotel is quickly developing a reputation as favourite hangout as it recently opened the Regency Patisserie serves a tempting array of specialty desserts and gourmet teas and coffees, as well as the Regency Bar & Lounge, Kingston’s latest ultramodern entertainment hot spot, coupling big city glamour with a spirit of chic relaxation. The hotel is also the home to the city’s hottest gaming lounge and the Eurowear and Escales boutiques featuring the latest European haute couture and resort wear. Hotel facilities include a fitness area complete with Jacuzzi and pool. In order to ensure the total well-being and relaxation of the guests, the fitness room is available twenty-four hours a day and is complimentary to all in-house guests. A world class business center offers guests state of the art high speed internet access with printer, scanner and fax capability. All is provided on a 24 hour basis.

The perfect Kingston venue for meetings or events, the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel can accommodate every type of event, from small meetings to large conferences of up to 300 persons. The property has it all – gorgeous settings, unparalleled business services, on site décor, first class cuisine and competitive pricing, making it a superb choice for any special affair, corporate meeting or event.

A wedding celebration at the Terra Nova spells romance, special memories, and an event for family and friends to remember forever. Strikingly elegant wedding venues amidst a backdrop ofcolonial architecture, elegant gardens and graceful water features, paired with Terra Nova’s highly acclaimed cuisine and service, pave the way for a truly memorable occasion.

Only great house hotel in Kingston; Old world charm
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Unique Selling Point: Affordable and Comfortable; Close Proximity to several National Land Marks



The Mission of EduCom Co-operative Credit Union is to improve the quality of life of its members and their families, through the provision of personal ized financial solutions and advice
delivered by a motivated, competent and committed team of Staff and Volunteers.


In 2020, EduCom Co-operative Credit Union is member-centric, service-oriented, financially sound and technologically driven
and is the top Credit Union in Jamaica in member value, compliance and satisfaction.

AAMM and UWI Co-operative Credit Unions merged their operations on April 1, 2015 and realized the birth of EduCom Co-operative Credit Union Limited. This merger has resulted in an asset base for EduCom of $5billion and membership of approximately 27,000.The merger has resulted in some 7 branches across the island and ranks EduCom in the number 5 position among large Credit Unions.

Both credit unions shared common values and strong commitment to their memb ers. The UWI Mona and Community Co-operative Credit Union were founded in 1954 by the staff of the University of the West Indies, Mona with only two shillings and were then called University Staff College Co-operative Credit Union. The primary purpose of the Credit Union was to afford housing solutions for its members in the surrounding communities of Mountain Terrace and Nannyville Housing Scheme. The credit union before the merger served employees, students and alumni of the University of the West Indies and the University of Technology as well as their relatives. Staff and students of other institutions within neighbouring communities, staff of businesses and residents, within the neighbouring communities and their relatives were also eligible for membership at UWI Mona and Community Co-operative Credit Union.

Originally known as the Association of Assistant Masters and Mistresses, AAMM was conceived in 1960 as a vehicle to assist teachers to gain access to credit facilities which were difficult to obtain from more traditional financial institutions. Like the UWI Mona Co-operative Credit Union, AAMM started from humble beginnings with only One Hundred and Sixty Eight pounds in share capital. Prior to the merger AAMM served teachers and their families.

Based on the similarities of both credit unions, combining their strengths give both the opportunity, to deliver stronger financial performance and offer a wider range of financial products to an expanded membership base.

The name EduCom which seeks to identify with persons in education and surrounding communities was submitted by an AAMM member.

Like UWI and AAMM, EduCom's objective will be to continue adding value through service integrity innovation and commitment to its members.

We will continue to offer new and exciting products and services and to deliver exceptional member service and enabling the least fortunate among us to have a better future through our corporate outreac h efforts.
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New Testament Church Of God was founded in 1886 New Testament Church of God in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands is headed by the Administrative Bishop supported by a twelve 12 m ember National Executive Council. New Testament Church of God is affiliated with the Church of God in the United States of America with International Offices at Cleveland, Tennessee. Read more......Read less


Captain's Aviation Services offers you the ultimate control over your schedule with a time-saving and stress-free alternative to the hassles of ground commuting giving you top Priority... With over 100 Landing Sites Islandwide

Dunns River
St. Mary
Lovers Leap
Blue Mountain
Port Royal
Our Aircrafts

Travel in Comfort & Style. The Bell Jet Ranger has become the most successful helicopter in the world, in part by becoming the most adaptable. Spacious Interior, Air Conditioned Cabin, Comfortable Seating, In Flight Music From the start Captain’s Aviation has committed itself to… by emphasizing… Security is a priority for all our customers and we strictly adhere to all regulations.
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The newly acclaimed and popular Carby's Souvenir Discount Centre has led the way for yet another concept: this idea emerged from the acknowledgement of the talented Jamaican C raftsmen and the growing market for craft and souvenir items. Carby's Craft Village opened its doors to the public in November 2001. Our merchandise ranges from Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Straw Hats, Carvings, Ceramics, Literature, Key Rings and many more items too numerous to mention. Carby's Souvenir Discount Centre and Craft Village are proud of our wide selection of Jamaican products that appeal to the whole family. Be Jamaican - Buy Jamaican! Read more......Read less


Captain's Aviation Services offers you the ultimate control over your schedule with a time-saving and stress-free alternative to the hassles of ground commuting giving you top Priority.

Executive/ Business Travel

By fully recognising and understanding the requirements of your business travel, we will provide reliable, professional, executive hospitality for business and corporate customers who appreciate the value of time and cost saving in commuting with flexible schedules.

With over 100 Landing Sites Island Wide:

Dunns River
St. Mary
Lovers Leap
Blue Mountain
Port Royal

Our teams of aviation professionals have earned an enviable reputation for masterminding some of the most complex civil aviation operations flown today.

We have a range of training programmes either to enhance or refresh your skills as standard programmes are available or specific training programmes can be customised to meet the specific pilot or operator needs.

Piloted by some of the most experienced aviators in the industry, our aircraft is serviced by skilled engineers working with the latest avionics. At Captain’s Aviation your safety will always be our priority.

Call us today, we are ready to serve you.
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Lee’s Fifth Avenue is a Jamaica retailing clothing chain that has branches located in Kingston and Montego Bay.

When Elias Issa founded the company in 1963, he could not have imagined the reach his small retail clothing store would eventually have. More than forty five years later the company has grown into a household name and the largest retail clothing chain in Jamaica. Throughout the years the company’s mission has always been the same: providing the type of merchandise that is able to attract, excite and retain exceptional customers.

We earn our customers trust. We do this through our consistent superior customer service, professional conduct, and our complete commitment to provide the best quality merchandise.

Lee's Fifth Ave Ltd. is your one stop store for the latest trends for women, men and children. We stock gym clothing, work wear, casual apparel and other clothing merchandise. We allow convenient shopping in a hassle-free setting.

Reward cards (free and no annual fee); Online access to new arrivals; 15% Birthday discount
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Carby's Craft Village opened its doors to the public in November 2001. Our merchandise ranges from Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Straw Hats, Carvings, Ceramics, Literature, K ey Rings and many more items too numerous to mention. The Carby's Souvenir Discount Centre and Craft Village is proud of our wide selection of Jamaican products that appeal to the whole family. Be Jamaican-Buy Jamaican. Read more......Read less


Established in 1977, the Scientific & Medical Supplies Ltd is a large company with affiliates across the Caribbean. Since operating in Jamaica, we have supplied and serviced h ospital equipment. We also supply medical supplies for laboratories and home care. We offer direct sale of supplies and equipment to over seventeen (17) English speaking Caribbean islands and is the largest supplier of its kind. Read more......Read less


SORA Japanese Sky Cuisine is looking to take your taste buds to new gastronomic heights as we stay true to the Japanese culture, while opening your eyes to the simple pleasure s of Jamaica.

SORA has captured the taste buds of many of their customers, leaving them in awe.

With an outside bar stacked with your favourite wine and liquor outdoor dining and authentic Japanese delectable, SORA offers the ultimate restaurant experience.

Among its wide array of dishes is the popular Sora roll which is made with eel, avocado, cucumber, kani mayo and crispy onion perfectly handmade. Their citrus pepper chicken, made with grilled chicken, butter and an original citrus pepper sauce, has wooed foodies from near and far.

We also do oriental foods in Japanese style, like pasta, steak and cheese. We make it suitable for everyone to dine with us.

SORA is different from other Japanese restaurants because we embrace the culture, offer comfort and serve top-notch, original dishes.

Our rooftop terrace has a stunning view of the city and mountains, and our button system, which allows you to call your server when you need them.

We are open for Lunch: Monday – Saturday from 11: 30 am-5:00 pm
Dinner: Monday – Thursday from 5:00 pm-11:00 pm (Last order at 10:00 pm)
Friday & Saturday from 5:00 pm-12:00 am (Last order at 11:00 pm)
Sunday closed

Reservation is highly recommended to avoid disappointment and assist in the service to all our guests.

The restaurant is available for private parties, wedding receptions, meetings and small get togethers.
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