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The Marketing Counsellors Ltd. boasts a team of highly trained and experienced Advertising Agents and Consultants. We consistently utilize our marketing strategies in an attem pt to meet our clients’ expectations. Read more......Read less


Nicorp Limited, is a Surge Protector manufacturing company that was started twenty (27) years. The company commenced operations in June 1988 when an engineer and his wife deci ded to combine their talents, expertise and passion to design and manufacture a top quality line of surge protectors. The unrelenting husband and wife team comprises of Mr. Preston Dietrich, a qualified engineer since 1972 and Mrs. Rose Dietrich, a Business Administrator and Marketing Consultant since 1988. This team is adequately supported by their group of dedicated, qualified and courteous staffs who understand and recognize the importance of good customer service as they constantly advance their skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the growing consumer base.


Over the years the work of this Jamaican brand has not gone unnoticed. In 2005 and 2006 they were awarded the Jamaica Manufacturers Association’s Product Award for the Electrical, Electronic and Automotive Group. Throughout that same period they were also awarded by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Technology for Competitiveness. And the awards continued in the following year, as in 2007 they received the International Gold Award for Excellence in Product and Service by the Business Initiative Directions (BID).

This 100 % Jamaican run company remains confident their passion coupled with talent and commitment will continue to fuel the fire of success as they look forward to the continued growth of Brand Nicorp manufactured locally and in the Caribbean.

The company plans to expand its production line and is currently working with various entities in this regards.
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The Marketing Counsellors Ltd. boasts a team of highly trained and experienced Advertising Agents and Consultants. We consistently utilize our marketing strategies in an attem pt to meet our clients’ expectations. Read more......Read less


Monumental Partners Marketing Agency offers the highest level of creative and strategic planning for companies and their brands. We have gained a well-earned reputation as a r espected and effective business development and marketing firm. Our present clientele extends to distributors, new technology firms, manufacturing companies and upstarts. These highlight the diverse sectors our reach has influenced and functioned in, over our five years of operation.

Our passion stems from a love for developing brands, implementing new technology for our clients' businesses and creating innovative marketing campaigns which stimulate growth.

In combining media relations, promotions, strategic alliances, direct marketing, online marketing tools and event coordination, Monumental Partners Limited creates campaigns that exceed our client expectations.

At MPL, we believe in interactive and close client-agency relationships. This approach has proven to ensure clients' satisfaction. We study your company, product or idea from every angle and each action we take is designed to achieve results.

Monumental Partners was started out of a need to facilitate ideas and transform them into reality. Our company culture is about change and using technology to advance that change. Our culture is based upon the fact that nothing is set in stone and so ideas should run free to create the best possible solution….
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DC Tavares Realty Ltd (DCT & F Realty) is a full service realty company that operates as a realtor, values, appraiser, auctioneer and consultant. Established in 1921, we are o ne of the leading companies in real estate, Jamaica and have accomplished this by maintaining an unblemished record of professional service and unquestionable integrity.

We are on the panel of all the major lending institutions throughout Jamaica. We are also used extensively by both large corporations and individuals. We value properties island wide for all purposes - Market, Insurance, Forced Sale, and any other purpose as requested by clients on a consultancy basis.

As Real Estate Agents we provide our clients with an aggressive sales and marketing staff that is able to draw on the in-house expertise available, thereby providing all their clients with up-to-date market and investment opportunities.

Through its Investment Consultation program, individuals and corporations can benefit from th eir guidance and extensive contacts in the money markets, and begin to explore all the possible avenues available to maximize profits and minimize their risk exposure

The Auction Sales department has an excellent reputation for honesty and integrity and we continue to lead the market in the auction of Real Estate.
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DOT PERSONNEL SERVICES JAMAICA LIMITED has been providing outstanding service to the business community since its inception in 1971

The objective of the company is to s atisfy employer's human resource needs and to assist applicants in securing meaningful employment. Our philosophy is to maintain customer loyalty by repeat business through a process of customer satisfaction.

Good Reasons For Using Dot Personnel Services

- Clients save on the high price of absenteeism. Dot invoices only for the work performed. - Clients save on turnover and recruitment costs. Dot handles all turnover and recruitment costs - no need to pay for flexible lifestyles and population mobility.

- Clients save during low business periods by using temporary help on an as needed basis. When business is down, so are concerns about high payroll expenditures.

- Clients save on overtime. Productivity studies show that the longer the hours, the slower the production rate. By using Do t Personnel, businesses can save on high overtime costs and still maintain peak production rates.

- Clients save on Training cost. Dot has immediate access to skill clients require, thus saving time and money spent on training.

The most important reason for using Dot Personnel Services - your costs stop when the job ends.

Our Temporary Personnel Assist The Businessman As Follows: Doing the work of absent employees and when there is extra work.

Handling specialised jobs and emergencies

- Stocktaking - Updating files - Meetings and conventions - Assisting firms to expand without the additional costs of full time employees - Motivating existing employees.

For just a nominal fee Dot puts at your disposal a number of temporaries until the right person is identified to permanently fill the vacant slot.

During an employee's probation we can cover salary, etc., until you are confident the person is the one suited to the particular job.

We also conduct special interviews on your behalf, thus avoiding congestion on your premises in response to job vacancies.

When your valued employees, wish to continue working after retirement age, we will put them on our payroll and reassign them to their former positions in your firm.

You don't have to risk losing a good recruit by waiting for head office approval. Once reference, etc.. Have been processed, put the recruit to work and let us pay their salary.

Contract and Permanent Personnel

Dot specialises in matching the right person to the jobs. Dot Personnel's recruitment methods, network of contacts,an enormous variety of qualified candidates and in depth assessment techniques, give Dot Personnel an edge that is beyond the scope of many human resources department.

We are dedicated to bringing people and companies together in a positive working relationship through professional services which benefit both client companies and candidates - the goal is a mutually satisfying employment relationship.

Quality Control

The search process can be exhaustive in nature and varies based on complexity and geographic scope of the assignment evaluations. We expect clients to provide us with specifications to initiate the process.

- Interviews with human resources/hiring manager. - Advertising. - Assessment evaluations and interviews with potential candidates. - Personality Testing. - Negotiations on behalf of clients and candidates. - Scheduling and preparing clients and candidates for interviews. - References checks. - Continuous follow-through after placement.

Our consultants display a personal approach to the process of identifying people with Soft and Hard skill sets best suited to a position and offer a guarantee period on each assignment. In the case of Temp-To-Perm the client company advises Dot that the assignment may lead to temporary assignment and a release for permanent employment.
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Every successful story has a rich and compelling beginning. We share our clients’ aspirations, delivering customized, innovative and practical solutions to help make the rig ht business decisions.

At First Aid Business Solutions, our projects create answers to the business needs of our clients and partners. Driven by our passion for entrepreneurship, job creation and nation building, First Aid Business Solutions has evolved into a full service partner. Services and client teams are tailored to suit the culture of each client to high quality professional standards. Our commitment to quality is one of First Aid’s main values - because it is so important to us, we strive to achieve this in everything we do.

We offer all the services needed to support business growth and development while maintaining our thrust towards being market leaders in the realm of innovative solutions. With careful consideration of the challenges being experienced in this global marketplace, we have ta ilored our services to meet the needs of the individuals and companies we seek to serve.

First Aid Business Solutions is committed to help your business compete effectively and successfully locally and internationally. Our drive for professionalism, quality, integrity and innovation combined with global reach is tremendously effective, offering an exceptional competitive advantage, enhanced by resources and attentive personal service with the capability to service major businesses globally.
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Artistic Communications Group offers comprehensive Advertising, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Multi-media, Marketing, Media Strategy, Promotions & Brand Strategy services. The Group boasts experienced Agents and Consultants. Utilizing marketing strategies to surpass clients’ expectations. It’s really simple-- we’ve got you covered! From print to brand identity; from TV/radio to web designing. Read more......Read less


With over 30 years combined experience K. Mc. & Associates Marketing Solutions Limited is a team of highly trained and experienced marketing experts in the field of marketing, providing marketing solutions to both local and international clientele, with head office situated in Kingston, Jamaica.

Our 4 Step Solution Model and Execution & Support services include Marketing Plans, Advertising and Media Relations, Events Planning, Brand Management, Booth Concepts and Designs, Graphics Services, Corporate Affairs, Speech Writing, Public Relations, Social Media Management, Publication Management, Campaign and Product Development, Market Research and Website Development and Digital Marketing will ensure your business revenue growth.

K.Mc. & Associates Marketing Solutions owns the ability to integrate our business with our client's business, in a way that allows us to understand and appeal to the uniqueness of their customers, while attracting investors, which has enabled us to assist our clients in increasing revenue generation from existing clients and also increasing new business leads and conversion.

Combined with rare levels of enthusiasm, creativity and commitment we are committed to practical and measurable solutions using the most cost-effective method.

Give us call today!
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Island Surveyors is a family owned survey firm conveniently located in Central Jamaica to provide premium Land Surveying services. We put great emphasis on offering personalis ed customer service. Our personnel are all qualified and appropriately equipped for the tasks assigned to them. Our principal partner, Adrian M. Levy has over 10 years of experience in the practice of land surveying in both rural and urban settings. We also have the benefit of our senior partner, Edward Keith Levy, an active practitioner with over 50 years of experience in land surveying in Jamaica. We provide a wide array of services. Please contact us for free consultation.

Surveyor’s Identification Report: Usually required by the National Housing Trust (NHT) or other mortgaging institutions. Before making your next real estate purchase, let us identify the boundaries to ensure that you are in fact securing your entitlement.

Subdivision Design & Layout: The high cost of land taxation coupled with t he demand for residential and agricultural lots has increased the desirability for subdividing lands.

Boundary /Cadastral Surveys: A necessity for procuring your registered title, whether you are making an application through your own legal professional or via the LAMP system.

Topographic Survey: A plan showing the contours and relief of the land will enable your architect to more suitability, create a design that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home or business place. The slope and deviation data that these surveys provide also aid in the engineering of roadways and in flood mitigation.
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Hope Caribbean Co is a full scale market research company that conducts commercial and social research in the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora in North America and the UK. The company has its headquarters in Jamaica and has subsidiary offices in the USA (Florida) and Trinidad & Tobago. We have provided market research services to many corporations (local & multinational), government ministries, government agencies and NGO's for over twenty years conducting various types of specialised research.

The company’s success is largely due to the effort and emphasis we place on our corporate governance, our research professionals expertise (research consultants, experienced moderators & interviewers), and the organisational processes to make all work together to deliver value for all our clients. We also employ the use of relevant, cutting edge technology to assist in some aspects of the research process specifically in data collection, data analysis and mining.

It is the ability to define and identify marketing opportunities and problems, designing and evaluating marketing actions accordingly through research that is more important to the market research process. It is primarily this factor through the company’s experienced and qualified employees and consultants that set us apart from many other research firms in the Caribbean.

The company is a fully computerised operation, equipped with internet connections, multiple desktop stations, mobile computing solutions, various research software and on-site duplication facilities.
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The House of Tranquillity Funeral Home Ltd. was established in 1995 and incorporated by the Registrar of Companies now the Companies Office of Jamaica on the 21st March 1995 .

The Company was founded by Joseph Michael and Opal Veronica Cornwall. At a very young age Joseph was interested in providing final care services for the deceased. It is with this in mind that he sought part-time employment with Madden’s Funeral Home. It was here where he learned both the Administrative and Mortuary Management Skills.

He has honed these skills through several courses in the United States of America and Puerto Rico, where he participated in Embalming and Operation of a Crematorium.

He was employed in the Government Service form 1972-1993. Until he opted for early retirement. While in the Government Service he excelled in all Educational Courses assigned to him. His favourites included Accounting, Systems and Procedures Management and Commercial Law.

He is no novice to the industry, as he co-founded the House of Serenity Funeral Home in 1982, which was placed under court liquidation in 1995.

He boasts over Forty (40) years of experience in the Funeral Industry. He is by no means selfish, having assisted former workers as well as Business Associates in starting their own Funeral home. The Company’s Mission Statement is “to provide Dignified Professional Services in a Modern State of the Art Facility at the most affordable cost.”

While the day to day operations at the House of Tranquillity is extremely arduous he still finds time to write letters to the Editor of both daily Gleaner and the Jamaica Observer on a wide range of topics affecting Jamaica and the World. He is also an event planner always managing to incorporate his love for Old hits Music and domino playing into all of his functions.

Our Director of Embalming and Mortuary Services is Michelle Antoinette Cornwall
Michelle A. Cornwall shared her father’s aspiration to crea te the best Funeral Home in Jamaica. She subsequently joined her father in business upon completion of her Secondary studies at the Queen’s School. Having served in several administrative positions, she decided at the end of 2001 to enhance the Mortuary services offered by the House of Tranquillity.

Michelle enrolled in the prestigious American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service Incorporated in New York, U.S.A. in 2002 where she graduated in 2003. On her way to becoming a Certified Funeral Director Michelle created waves while at McAllister excelling in academics. She created history by becoming the first West Indian and Caribbean Student to receive the Mu Sigma Alpha Award, an award which is granted to the highest ranked Academic student.

She returned to Jamaica after completing her internship to settle into the new position as General Manager.

Joseph M. Cornwall Jr. attended the Jamaica House Basic School, Vaz Preparatory, St. George’s College and th e University of the West Indies.

He currently resides between New York and Boston and is employed to Jet Blue Airways. He has studied Photography, Video production and screen writing.

Joseph Jr. serves as Financial Advisor as well as a Marketing Consultant to the House of Tranquillity, through emails, conference calls and monthly visits, he monitors the company’s activities.
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