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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners, suppliers of a wide range of products & services for your industrial kitchen. We cater to hotels, restaurants, homes or any organisation that has a k itchen exhaust system. Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners separate itself from the competition by cleaning the entire system beyond the hood in order to prevent potential fire. Cleaning just the visible portions of your industrial stoves & range hoods are just simply not enough. Grease buildup inside the hood and exhaust fans that remains unclean are combustible and hazardous. With Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners, you don’t have to worry, we ensure the job is done right. We offer consultation for the proper cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen exhaust.

Why Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners?

At KEC we have the expert knowledge in all areas of your Kitchen Exhaust System and Hood. This will save you the time and money that all Restaurant Owners need.

• Eliminate several companies coming out to your Kitchen for your H ood System needs by encompassing it into one company that has expert knowledge in all areas.

• Most Hood Cleaners have no knowledge of (ANSUL) Fire Suppression Systems and have a fear of discharging the system during a cleaning, thus not cleaning your detection line and links properly. This area of your hood is unquestionably the most critical area that needs to be cleaned. If your system is jammed with grease it will not properly discharge in an event of a fire. Our trained technicians are able to put your system in test mode making sure the system will not discharge.

No other company can provide this expert knowledge in all areas of your Kitchen's Hood service needs.
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SINGER Jamaica Ltd is committed to providing employment to Jamaicans across the island and to ensuring that Jamaicans can live comfortably with items bought on Singer’s Flex ible Credit Plans. Our dedicated personnel in our stores share our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and work tirelessly to ensure that now, more than ever, our customers will “Love to Shop at Singer”.

SINGER Jamaica Limited has had a presence in the world for 160 years and in Jamaica for over 100 years. The company began its operations in Jamaica by selling sewing machines. Salesmen travelled out in the field with pictures of sewing products to potential customers. When the sale was made the item was delivered to the customer using a handcart. The first retail store was opened on Harbour Street with four members of staff selling only one sewing machine each day. The company has experienced significant growth since and today sells a wide range of electronics, appliances, furniture and bedding in addition to its sewing machine line. Singer has 19 branches island-wide and employs over two hundred Jamaicans directly.

SINGER Jamaica, recognizing the importance of personal development and especially the independence of women has been teaching sewing from our retail outlets since 1940. At our Sewing Academy we have taught over 7,000 Jamaicans to sew. Through our sewing programmes many persons have been able to start their own dressmaking business thus providing an income for their families. Singer Jamaica has assisted many Secondary Schools and Skills Development Centres island-wide by donating sewing machines to assist in their sewing programmes and has even provided specialized training in areas such as Garment construction, Machine Embroidery and Drapery Making to teenage children in Kingston and in rural Jamaica.

SINGER is committed to fostering the growth of Jamaican small manufacturers as is seen in our reliance on local furniture suppliers. Presently, 70% of our furniture is bought locally from over 30 suppliers who employ jointly approximately 400 Jamaicans. Our furniture manufacturers are encouraged to create new and appealing designs and work closely with our purchasing team and quality assurance personnel to constantly refine their product quality. Singer throughout the years has become known for its exceptional product offering in local furniture product and our products can be seen in the homes of Jamaicans across the island.

SINGER has assisted many schools through the provision of sewing machines and has taught children to sew through joint programs with children’s homes and government institutions. We have for many years donated furniture and appliances to homes that care for children and the aged and continue to focus on these two sectors of our citizenry by way of donations.
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Established in 1969, Fabcon (Caribbean) Ltd. is a supplier of water treatment, sugar process, liquid chlorine and industrial chemicals. We stock a wide range of products and o nly deliver quality items.

We provide technical support and cater to both the wholesale and retail sectors of the market.

We supply an array of products such as granular chlorine, chlorine tablets, pool stabilizer, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, chlorine bleach, raw materials, disinfectants, liquid detergents, chlorine gas/liquid, fabric oftener, water softeners.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and we service major distribution plants in Jamaica such as NWC.

For customers looking for value for money, look to us for competitively priced products to fit your budget.
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Alex's Imports Limited is your source for new and used auto parts and accessories. You name it, we have it, from engines to front end parts for cars and trucks. Special orders are also available for hard to get parts. Your automotive needs are our topmost priority. We are the leading supplier of quality automotive parts in Jamaica, and we keep receiving customer referrals due to our commitment to high standards of quality. All our customers can vouch for our services and products. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with all your vehicle needs. We carry Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi parts (2001 or later).

Our aim is to provide you the best products at the lowest prices and serve you with a smile.

For more details, contact us at (876) 765-2317
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Manufacturers Credit and Information Services MCIS has been providing vehicle expense management service through its flagship product, the Advance Card, since 1991. The first of its kind in the English-Speaking Caribbean, MCIS has a reputation of being innovators in the field, embracing the use of modern technology in its delivery of service.

The Advance Card, which caters to the needs of motor vehicle owners and operators, is aimed at reducing operating cost through budget management tools, enhanced by a multitude of user-defined controls. Manufacturer Credit & Info Servs. Ltd is your source for excellent vehicle expense management services, which includes your tyres, Petrol, Batteries, Parts & Servicing, Vehicle detailing & Lubricants. Advance cards speaks to Convenience, Innovation, Reliability & Speed.
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Alternative Power Sources Limited (APS) was incorporated in 2005 from a merger between JamPearl Engineering and Construction (JEC) and Brightlight Solar. From as early as 2003 , our two companies have worked jointly on a project-by-project basis.

Delivery of our services and solutions are facilitated by relationships with best-of-breed manufactures and technical designers. Key distributorships include Schneider-Electric (formerly Xantrex), Outback Power Systems Inc., Southwest Wind Power, Bergey Turbines, Ningbo Qixin Solar Electric Company, Delta Lightning Arrestors Inc., Trojan Batteries and Calpak Solar Water Heaters, allow us to offer worldwide warranty and full technical support.

We are dedicated to providing quality consulting, engineering, renewable energy systems and services and to developing the value of wind, solar and hydro energy in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

We are committed to learning and we maintain an association with the Florida Solar Energy Centre (FSEC) and Solar Energy Industries Association (U.S.A.), as an avenue to interact and keep abreast with developing solar technology. We are also the authorised service centre in Jamaica for these products.

APS Limited has installed over 1.82MW of solar photovoltaic capacity with service to over 400 clients in Jamaica and the Bahamas, and we have provided advice and consulting services to individuals and entities in the wider English-speaking Caribbean. Also, we recently incorporated in Bermuda with Alternative Power Sources (Bermuda) Limited.

As per our company’s motto, we are committed to offering environmentally silent solutions
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BarJohn Industrial Suppliers has your industrial needs covered. We are suppliers of a wide range of products including:

- Stainless Steel and PVC /CPVC Sch 80 Pipe s
- Fittings
- Sanitary gauges
- Thermometers
- Pumps centrifugal and lobe
- Sanitary pipe line gaskets
- Sanitary manway gaskets
- In-line filters
- Food grade hoses
- Stainless steel
- Flexible hose
- Water meters
- PE pipes for gas

We are not a retail outlet, which therefore gives our technical staff the flexibility to utilise our vast global network of suppliers in order to identify and source specification as per your individual needs.
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Our business and applicator’s license are up-to-date with the business license remaining current and uninterrupted since it was first issued. Caribpest control was among the first, very few operators to qualify for licensing in Jamaica. The managing Director, Louis Tulloch, career in pest control and insecticides started at Grace Agricultural and Industrial 14 Retirement Road, Kgn.5.(now agro Grace)in the mid 70’s. The present two main directors were originally trained through pest management courses conducted by the Scientific Research Council and by the University of the West Indies in 1988. Mr.Tulloch has nearly 40 years knowledge and experience in the field of controlling pests and has been in the termite control business for over 30 years. Caribpest is fully insured for public liability insurance which includes the very technical, specialist, gas fumigation exercises.

Caribpest will be also be offering you treatment options that you can choose from, ranging from the very ba sic treatment which is the standard, single formula done by applicators in the industry …to combination of Caribpest blends and bait formulas that we ourselves have found in most instances to be a lot more effective than a one-time application visit using a single formula.

All formulations used in our 5 blends are approved by the Ministry of Health here in Jamaica and are applied in accordance with the label directions. MSDA’s [Material Safety Data Sheets] are available on request or on our website.

We will be giving instructions on what to do 1. before, 2. during and 3. after [re-entry] treatments.

And, times and practices you will be required to observe so that the operation can be administered safely. Any or all of the treatments procedures inside and outside described may apply to your problem depending on the type of treatment and where it is being focused or where trouble-shooting treatment is being emphasized.

Only a 100% foundation soil pre-treatment s before building or a 100% enclosed gas fumigation of the structure above ground already built, saturates or penetrates everywhere, all other treatments are partial treatments only. So, the warranty on partial operations will be at times conditional to booster visits after treatments. Preconditions

We offer a first-class pre-job electronic inspection and post job electronic inspection
And, during the period of any warranty issued we revisit on schedule to evaluate the progress/success of the work done and to ensure the issued warranty is being complied with. At the time of these visits we may conduct electronic inspections and point out any areas we find that has remained prone to infestation or have developed a condition conducive for re-generating infestation or encouraging new infestations.

We are fully equipped electronically to conduct and record very detailed chrome inspections reports This is an ideal certificate inspection for Banks, Lenders, Buyers, remote or overseas owners.
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Established in 1997 by Audley Dinnall, Central Belts and Hoses Limited has grown to become one of Jamaica's leading hydraulics companies.

With a customer-first mentalit y, our team of well-trained engineers and sales professionals is able to assistwith any problem,from simple to complex. With the additional strength of our support services, you will know you have chosen a company you can trust, one that is responsive, reliable, and striving for your complete satisfaction.

We offer a wide selection of products from industrial, automotive, and timing belts,to hydraulic and industrial hoses and fittings, pumps, valves and powerwash machines.Our offerings are not limited to just these products. To help you find the right item, you may search by keyword or specific item numberuse the search tool on our website or give us a call... our friendly, experienced staff is ready to help you with your all of your needs.
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Central Cesspool is Jamaica’s leading rental service of portable restroom rentals. In addition to offering portable restrooms we pride ourselves on having the experience, th e capability, and above all a commitment to delivering the best service in the industry.

Anywhere people gather and where permanent restrooms are not available or sufficient the simple answer rests in renting portable toilets and hand-wash units. Whether it is a special event or a construction site, we go beyond just offering the best. Along with the regular service of delivering the units where required, each one of our portable units is regularly serviced in order to maintain the highest sanitation standards. Our fast, friendly customer service gives you peace of mind from expert planning to accurate delivery and quality service. Rest assured that you can rely on us for your portable sanitation needs, large or small.

Our standard portable toilet units are designed with the most standard features avai lable on the market today. Our flushable portable toilet units feature more convenient amenities than our standard units. These units are retrofitted to give you a complete restroom experience.
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Spanning across three generations our brand CESCO has been synonymous with exceptional products, competitive prices and superior service standards strongly supporting national development in almost every industry for almost fifty years.

In 1955 Arthur Chambers driven by a vision for development and a passion for service founded Chambers Electrical Service an Electrical Contracting Company primarily engaged in the installation and maintenance of Residential Electrical Systems as housing solutions developed in the main city of Jamaica. Ten years later we expanded our operations island wide to include Commercial and Industrial Systems in response to demands from development in manufacturing and other industries.

By 1968 our reputation for offering the right solutions and being aligned with major brands to serve the myriad of existing industrial, manufacturing and construction demands repositioned us as the “Industry’s Preferred Source” for Electrical Solutions giving birth to the brand C.E.S.C.O. The company in this same year was incorporated under the acronym “CESCO”.

Today CESCO Ltd offers an even more comprehensive suite of solutions throughout Jamaica and within the Caribbean regions from our Electrical, Building, Lighting, Datacomm and Energy Management solutions.
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Serving residential and commercial customers since 2006, Gas Pro (formally Shell Gas)is focused on delivering quality LPG fuel and service to the entire Island in a safe and e fficient manner. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service for your home or business.

Gas Products Limited markets and distributes LPG to thousands of households and food establishments Islandwide. We are also the leading supplier of bulk and cylinder LPG for industrial use.

Product quality

Our products pass through the most rigorous testing to ensure the following quality standards:

Purity of LPG content
Consistency and accuracy of cylinder weight
Safety measures against leakage
Integrity of cylinders to withstand damage
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Donald Witter worked at Dage Service Ltd as an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration technician for some time, but always wanted to do business on his own. He saw that there was a huge gap in the market for HVAC Parts and equipment, so he decided to make the big leap with the help of his dear wife Dawn, who ultimately motivated him to start the business, and also bought the first set of products in Florida for the newly formed company in March 1994.

Donald Witter Ltd carried two brands under a license namely Westinghouse and Miller. These brands were both highly successful in the Jamaican market and were known for quality and durability. Unfortunately licensing fees made the prices uncompetitive, so Donald Witter decided to have his own AC unit made with the same international standard that the Jamaican market has become accustomed to.

The brand Westingair started in February 2014. From February 2014 till today the response to the product has been overwhelmingly positive.
Our Locations:

14 Ruthven Road
Kingston 5

Montego Bay
Unit 23 Montego Bay Trade Centre
Montego Bay

May Pen
77 Manchester Avenue
May Pen

Call us today!
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ELARC Welding Products Limited [formerly Electric Arc (Jamaica) Limited] are manufacturers of welding products under the ELARC brand and is the premiere manufacturer of its ki nd in Jamaica and the Caribbean today, with an internationally recognized product.

The company was established in 1972 as a subsidiary of the United Kingdom’s multinational firm, Brish Oxygen Limited. The company established as its main objective, the servicing of the then growing Jamaican industrial sector. In addition, it supplied its products to agents in Trinidad and Guyana, which were originally product distributors for the parent company.

However, the company has changed ownership three times in its years of existence. In 1975, disappointed with the declining sales caused by deteriorating economic conditions in Jamaica, Brish Oxygen sold ELARC to a group of Jamaican nationals. In 1977, the company was again sold to another Jamaican interest and has been in this ownership since then.

Recognizing that the company had potential, the new management embarked on an ambitious plan:

- Retool the plant with modern equipment.
- To bring its product quality to international specifications.
- Broaden its range of products.
- Upgrade the skills of its workforce.

ELARC was originally situated in Olympic Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica but now operates in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica on the site of its once main competitor which it acquired in 1986. Starting out with five product types, the ELARC expanded its line to eight in 1973, twenty-seven types by 1984 and to over eighty types currently. The company also has the capability to formulate additional electrode types on demand, to meet specific customer requirements.

In 1977, the ELARC commanded 20% of the local market and has since moved to its present position as the leading supplier locally as well as exporting over 40% of its production volumes to a number of regional countries. Today, the ELARC brand is highly recognizable and regarded and is a truly Jamaican product with a strong regional presence forged from its global raw material supplier inputs.
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Electro Weld Supplies Co Ltd specializes in Personal Service Gas and Electrical Welding Products, Automotive, Body Filter, Putty, Primers, Sands Paper, Spray Paints, High Temp erature, Appliances, Grade 8 Bolts, Nuts, Screws and Tools. Read more......Read less


What we do: Serving residential and commercial customers since 2006, Massy Gas Products (formally Shell Gas) is focused on delivering quality LPG fuel and service to the entir e island in a safe and efficient manner. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service for your home or business.

We pride ourselves in claiming to be a full service LPG company

Massy Gas Products (Jamaica) Ltd LPG is one of Jamaica's largest suppliers of LPG. We have been taking care of the cooking, power, heating and lighting needs of Jamaican businesses since 1970. In the field, in the factory or wherever you conduct your business, Massy Gas Products (Jamaica) Ltd has an energy solution for you.

We market and distribute LPG to thousands of households and food establishments island wide. We are also the leading supplier of bulk and cylinder LPG for industrial use.

Our products pass through the most rigorous testing to ensure the following quality standards:

• Purity of LPG content

• Consistency and accuracy of cylinder weight

• Safety measures against leakage

• Integrity of cylinders to withstand damage
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Harper's Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd is one of the leading air conditioning and refrigeration companies in Jamaica. We are certified by the National Contracts Commiss ion, and have been in operation since November 1987.

We specialise in the sales and services of all your commercial and domestic needs such as washing machines, coldrooms, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioning units, repairs and installation. We also have parts for other purposes including:

- Water pumps

- Air conditioning spare parts

- Thermostats

- Timers

- Refrigerant gases

- Relays

- Contactors

- Icemaker kits

- Capacitors

- Fridge driers

- Water tanks

- Overload relays

- Fan blades

- Copper tubing

- Copper elbows

- Condenser fan motors

- Classic air conditioning units

- Compressors and motors

Contact us for your all air conditioning and refrigeration needs.
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Honey Bun Ltd operates as a wholesale bakery manufacturing snack products. We provide products island wide for the local industry and export to the USA, UK, and the Caribbean. We offer a variety of products including cheese breads, Easter buns, pineapple cakes, cinnamon rolls, cheese buns, donuts, cupcakes, bran raisin bread and much more. Our products are widely available in supermarkets, gift shops and gas stations. Read more......Read less


For over 33 years, this company has been a leading distributor of chemicals and scientific equipment for research and analysis in the industrial, medical and educational secto rs. Our products include laboratory supplies, scientific equipment and consumables. Our team consists of efficient, knowledgeable, effective sales and administrative personnel. Our portfolio has a wide range of international suppliers, who cooperate with us within an atmosphere of flexibility to cater to the needs of our customers. Read more......Read less


For over 33 years, this company has been a leading distributor of chemicals and scientific equipment for research and analysis in the industrial, medical and educational secto rs. Our products include laboratory supplies, scientific equipment and consumables. Our team consists of efficient, knowledgeable, effective sales and administrative personnel. Our portfolio has a wide range of international suppliers, who cooperate with us within an atmosphere of flexibility to cater to the needs of our customers. Read more......Read less


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