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Atlantic Star Financial
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Atlantic Star Financial

Box 1305 South Hill 264-497-3536
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Heart & Circulatory-system, skin digestive diseases, nervous system, kidneys & bladder endocrine organs, respiratory systems or lungs muscular & skeletal systems
Mon -Fri 8:30am to 4:00pm
Dr. Clyde L. Bryan
Mcgill University Trained, Certified & Affiliated
The Atlantic Star Center of Medical Excellence (ASCME) strives to provide the highest quality patient care for a primary community medical center. The ASCME is committed to providing humane care and attention in a unique and individual way. It is the right of every person in the medical center - including patients, families, visitors, staff and volunteers - to be respected as persons, and to be dealt with in a polite and helpful manner. Every person within the medical center has an obligation to contribute to the creation of a comfortable environment for the center's community. This includes abiding, for example, by center's policies with respect to noise, smoking, and confidentiality.Every right of a patient serves as the basis for a corresponding responsibility incumbent those working within the ASCME. All working within the ASCME, including those not directly employed, are required and expected to respect patient's rights, and staff are responsible for assistance to the patient in their exercising of those rights. The ASCME outlines and affirms these rights and duties with the expectation that their observance will contribute to more effective patient care, to enhanced provider-patient relations, and to greater satisfaction for the patients, their families, health care teams and the ASCME.Every patient has the right to receive care that conforms to the highest established international clinical standards. This care will be provided in a humane and competent fashion that is individualized to the patient's needs. The patient is entitled to request such consultations, including a second opinion, as are required for the exercise of the right to competent, informed, and complete care. The right to competent car

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