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MASA Assist
Hansa Bank Bldg The Valley

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Medical Air Services Association (MASA) was established in 1974. We were the first in the pre-paid medical transportation industry, and continue to set the standard for others in the industry. Our company has evolved into MASA Global to better reflect our undisputed leadership, objectives and worldwide reach. Today, we are a global organization with 18 international locations, and provide protection to 1,000,000+ members during medical emergencies or injuries, whether they are at home, at work or traveling the world.

We provide both medical emergency transportation solutions for our members during life and after life, and peace of mind that the financial burdens that follow life's biggest emergencies are taken care of. We understand people are financially vulnerable when emergency medical transportation services are needed, even with health insurance. MASA transports and covers out-of-pocket costs for hundreds of members across the world annually AT NO COST!

The most common claim submitted to MASA Global is for ground ambulance transports within a 20-mile radius of members' homes. In 2014, MASA Global paid millions in air ambulance costs. But more importantly, those flights saved hundreds of lives. Because of this demand and continued changes in the health insurance industry, MASA Global continues to expand and has established three divisions to date: MASA Medical Transport Solutions (MASA), MASA Assist and MASA Transport and Relocation Solutions (MASA TRS).

MASA Assist focuses on international services and membership needs, and is expanding throughout the Caribbean. MASA Assist offers various membership programs to those who live outside the United States to ensure they get urgent care in a quality medical facility.

MASA Transport and Relocation Solutions works with the funeral industry to help families at the time of death. With our transport solutions, the pre-need planning industry can provide transportation for mortal remains, and peace of mind for those left behind.

At MASA Global, no matter what, we have you covered.

  • • Emergency Air Transportation / Medical Evacuation
  • • Helicopter Transportation
  • • Ground Ambulance Transportation
  • • Organ Retrieval
  • • Organ Recipient Transportation
  • • Recuperation/Repatriation
  • • Escort Transportation
  • • Non-Injury Transportation
  • • Minor Children/Grandchildren Return
  • • Vehicle Return
  • • Mortal Remains Transport
  • • Worldwide Coverage
  • • Caribbean Only - Partner Enhancement Provider Program
  • MASA
  • Air Ambulance Service in the Caribbean , in the USA & The world.

The best prepaid medical transportation system in the world

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