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4 Key Takeaways From Yello Barbados Digital Marketing Seminar


On April 20th, our team at Yello Barbados hosted a free digital marketing seminar, which afforded business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and more, an excellent opportunity to gain great insight and knowledge about some of the best practices and strategies for improving and excelling with their digital marketing strategy. If unfortunately, you were unable to attend the seminar, here are a few key takeaways. Also, be sure to check out our article about the benefits of attending industry conferences.

  1. We Don’t Go Online. We Live Online. – The internet, but more importantly, the creation of mobile devices, has changed our lives in many ways; from the way we shop, work, do business, communicate with each other, etc. that it is no longer accurate to say “we go online” because, in reality, we’re always online. We pay our bills online, shop for clothes online, apply for jobs online, etc. Essentially, we are almost always digitally connected as long as we are awake. This is made easier with the fact that we are now a multi-device society. We have evolved from a one device society, e.g. the basic telephone, television, and radio to watching our smart televisions, while we have a mobile phone in one hand, a tablet nearby and a laptop in our laps.
  1. Year of Mobile in Barbados – We’ve all heard the expression “Content is King” and if that is the case, then Mobile is Queen. And the latter is unlikely to change anytime soon. In fact, it will only become truer as mobile devices continue to evolve with greater capabilities and features. And this is a truth that business owners in Barbados need to start embracing if they want to continue being successful. Internet penetration in Barbados is now at 80 percent, with mobile penetration at 117 percent. Very important to note, is that 45 percent of search queries in the island came from mobile devices (source: Google Internal Data). Mobile is not a trend. It’s a new reality and one that businesses need to embrace.
  1. SEM vs. SEO – SEM and SEO are two of the most important terms in digital marketing and both are very important to the success of your business’ digital marketing strategy. To successfully implement both, it is important to first understand the difference between the two and how they are interconnected. SEM stands for search engine marketing and SEO stands for search engine optimization. The former is paid, while the latter is organic. This means that your search engine marketing includes activities such as setting up a Google Adwords campaign where you pick the right keywords, audience, location you want your ad seen and essentially pay Google to ensure that the audience you want, sees your ad and company when searching for a product and/or service your company offers. Search engine optimization basically means effectively optimizing your online presence so that your target audience naturally finds you when searching for a product and/or service you offer. This includes, for example, using the right keywords in all your original content on your website, blog, social media, etc. Both are important to the success of your digital marketing strategy.
  1. Micro-Moments – Another very important consequence of the emergence and subsequent dominance of mobile is that we now function in a society that is very focused on the micro-moments. What that means is that as consumers, we now expect answers and solutions to our questions and problems almost instantly. If we want to know something about a product, we expect to get the information with a quick search on our phone. If we are looking for a place to eat, we expect to get directions, restaurant reviews and more right at our fingertips and more. And this means businesses need to not only be aware of these micro-moments but readily available with the information or risk losing a potential customer to a competitor.

This is just a small sample of the wealth of information shared at our digital marketing seminar. If you are ready to get started on a successful digital marketing strategy or simply want to improve the steps you have already taken, contact Yello today. Our expert team of sales representatives will be happy to discuss with you all the products and services we offer to help your business thrive in the digital space.


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