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5 Brilliant Digital Campaigns



Non-profit organizations and for profit organizations both need to market and promote their brand to achieve their goals. Here are five examples of non-profit organizations that brilliantly and successfully implemented digital campaigns to increase awareness and support for their cause and what your business can learn from them.
1. charity: water

In 2013, charity: water launched an ambitious social media campaign. The 10K on 10:1 campaign sought to raise $10,000 in one day, on October 1st. The plan was to implement the first ever 24-hour social media-thon. Starting at midnight, the organization offered a series of 30-minute Google Hangouts with a variety of thought leaders and entrepreneurs. These hangouts were spread out throughout the day, with multiple people posting live updates across numerous social media channels. Individuals had to pay to book their post in a specific hangout. By the end of the day, the organization had reached its goal.
• The biggest takeaway from this campaign is don’t be afraid to be a little ambitious. You don’t have to run a long digital campaign, just make it a worthwhile one. Also, remember that employing thought leaders and experts is a very easy way to gain credibility.

2. Public Health England

Also in 2013, Public Health England launched its Awkward Conversations Project, with the goal of helping young people have the confidence to talk about embarrassing or difficult issues that may be damaging to their health. The organization utilized ten popular YouTube video bloggers to discuss a range of topics like smoking, drugs, etc. By the end of the year, the videos had been viewed almost 4 million times and received almost 200,000 likes. These numbers have grown considerably in the last few years.

• There are a few key takeaways from this campaign, notably the use of influencers. With the growing power of social media and digital marketing, online influencers and their power have grown considerably. If you want your message seen and heard by a specific target audience, it helps to know who that audience is listening to and more importantly, trust.

3. Water is Life

With the use of the popular phrase first world problems, which actually had a negative connotation, Water is Life helped change the conversation around the phrase by employing it as a hashtag attached to their video project. The video, which depicted the very real world problem of lack of clean water to millions around the world, went viral and donations to the organization significantly increased.
• A key takeaway of this campaign is to ensure you are actively listening to the conversation online. One of the simplest ways to get noticed is to be a part of a conversation that is already happening, particularly if it is a very active and popular conversation.

4. American Red Cross

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which caused significant damage across north-eastern states of the U.S., the American Red Cross created an app that provided up to the minute information to individuals, including the storm’s trajectory, the nearest hurricane shelters and ways to contact loved ones in the area. The idea was a huge success, resulting in a 900% increase in engagement for the organization, as well as over 700,000 downloads of the app.
• Put simply, mobile marketing works. We now live in a very mobile world where our whole lives are attached to our hands at almost any time. If you want your message seen and heard, make it very easily accessible to your audience. Effective app usage accomplishes this.

5. Sandy Hook Promise Organization

The organization, which was started as a result of the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, aims to increase awareness about gun violence. Late last year, they release a powerful PSA video that at first seems to follow the sweet story of a boy forming an unexpected relationship. However, the video takes a dark turn where viewers are later shown that while one boy was developing a relationship, another one was showing signs of violence. The video was chilling and frightening and in just two weeks, had almost 7 million views.
• Don’t be afraid to be bold or even a little daring. More importantly, don’t be afraid to be surprising. A very effective way to stand out and be noticed is to do something many are not expecting. One small caution, make sure to always stay on brand and avoid offending anyone.
There are many strategies and tools to ensure successful digital marketing and our Yello team can help you find the right ones for you. Contact us today, to get started on your successful digital marketing journey.


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