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5 Trends to watch in Mobile App Development




The global rise of smartphone users has led to a surge in mobile app usage. Google Strategic Partner Manager for Colombia, Central America & the Caribbean, Gabriel Parra, pointed out that number of cell phones in Jamaica outnumbers the island’s population.
Last month, Yello had the pleasure of being a corporate sponsor for the 2017 Coders of the Caribbean Competition. This annual event brings together several young coders, who all work 48 hours (non-stop) with one goal in mind – to create the next BIG thing!
The most captivating ideas birthed out of that weekend, were the smart and creative mobile apps. We were certainly impressed by the wealth of talent and interest among the young developers in this burgeoning sector. With over 3 million apps available in the popular google app store, smartphone users have become heavily reliant on apps to help with life’s daily demands.
Developers are undoubtedly aware of users needs and are utilizing consumer insights to inform the latest mobile app developments.
Thinking of developing your own app? Here are five trends to watch.

Building your own Apps
Business owners no longer have to spend months waiting for app development teams to create the app they require.
There are plenty of low code/no code tools available today, which don’t require users to have superb technical expertise. As such, you can create your own fully functional apps within a matter of weeks. This suggests that there will continue to be a huge market for custom made apps and you have to make use of this availability. Even though these apps are easily accessible, still ensure you use IT-competent workers to begin the process.



The Rise of Location-Based Services (LBS)
The ease of use and constant availability of GPS on almost every mobile device today will continue to evolve and provide real-time information or deals based solely on one’s whereabouts. We’ve seen instances of LBS services being used locally, but it’s more on the social side of things such as “checking in” using the Foursquare app and others. Businesses can smart and find ways to monetize this growing trend.
A great start would be to send notifications of deals or special offers via your app, to persons within close proximity of your business. Don’t just create an app to join the party of “app developers”. Find creative means to monetize, while showcasing your products and services via mobile channels.
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M-Commerce is becoming a Big Deal
With the exception of messenger and social media apps, app usage locally isn’t widespread. However, its best to have your business positioned well when the boom starts! As e-commerce giants such as Amazon and E-bay benefit tremendously from m-commerce, it is expected that this trend will spread to Jamaica, since we often take cues from our international counterparts. M-commerce will help local businesses to expand their reach outside of the borders in which they operate, making their products and services accessible to ready buyers further afield.



The Necessity of Application Security
If you are thinking about developing a mobile app for your business, you will need to take great interest in its security. The rapid rise of technological and smartphone development leaves way for user security to be compromised, and more businesses worldwide are trying to find ways to mitigate this risk. You will need to focus on cyber security and implement new-generation security features within your app. The rise of smartphone features such as fingerprint technology and voice recognition, are great features to minimize unauthorized use of accounts and devices.
Growth of in-app Advertising
Smartphone users are generally using their mobile apps every day. With this in mind, business owners can take advantage of in-app advertising. But the advertising methods aren’t usually the most attractive for the daily mobile user. In the coming years, expect application development trends to move away from simple banner ads, as they look towards integrating advertisements in a fun, non-intrusive manner for the end-user. Find out how you can start advertising with Yello by clicking here!





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