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Online Do’s & Don’ts for Your Business

dosandontsHaving an online presence for your business is essentially imperative these days. However, as with all great inventions, the Internet comes with its positives and negatives. And unfortunately, the wrong online steps can spell disaster for your business. So here are few significant dos and don’ts when it comes to your company’s online presence.


  1. Have A Plan – Seems like a no-brainer but surprisingly many business owners tend to forget or skip over this most obvious and basic step. In everything you do, you must have a roadmap for where you’re going. Therefore, before rushing to take your business online, make a plan that includes your business goals, objective, executive summary, tactics and more.


  1. Have A Quality Website – Having a quality website that acts as a hub for all the information anyone could want regarding your business, is a must. A quality website includes ensuring its optimized for search engines, which includes, use of the right keywords, working links, useful and relevant hyperlinks, ease of use, easy navigation and more. Being mobile friendly is also a must. If you’re unsure how to get started or how to create a quality website, Yello has you covered. Contact us for more information on our website development offering.


  1. Create Quality Content – If you want your business to have a strong online presence, quality content is a must because that’s what is going to get you a strong presence on search engines and social media networks. Content includes everything from text, images, videos, and can be showcased via social media postings, business blog, e-books, video tutorials, white papers, podcasts, etc.


  1. Advertise Wisely – Much like traditional advertising, online space offers many opportunities for advertising. However, it is important to do so wisely. This includes knowing who and where exactly your audience is so you’re not inundating the wrong target audience with your ads or showcasing the wrong ads to your audience. It is also important to be well versed in the rules and guidelines for advertising, especially when it comes to social media advertising because violating any may result in your business channel being disabled.



  1. Not Having a Social Media Plan – Piggybacking off the last comment above, it is essential to understand and have a clear plan for using social media. One of the most common mistakes many businesses make is approaching social media as simply a fun addition to their marketing efforts. The truth is social media can be a very powerful tool for successfully marketing your business and increasing sales, if its used correctly. And doing so starts with having a plan – understand the benefits and downsides of each channel, identify the most effective channel or channels for your business, create the right content for each, have a content calendar, etc.


  1. Be Too Aggressive With Ads – As previously stated, it’s important to be smart with your online advertising. There is a balance – advertise too little and you risk not reaching enough of your audience but advertise too much and you risk alienating your audience. The key is to create top of the mind awareness, while not becoming annoying to those you are trying to sell to.


  1. Be Focused Only On The Hard Sell – Obviously the goal of any business is to make a profit. However, the process to getting there does not always have to include pushing your product and services at the customer. There are many benefits to the soft sell, notably, building trust and top of the mind awareness. If people view your business as a brand they trust or even just like, they are far more likely to buy from you.


  1. Ignore Your Competition – The great Chinese philosopher, Sun Tzu said, “When you know yourself as well as your competition, you are never in danger”. Knowing and understanding your competition gives you a significant advantage in terms of knowing what works, what doesn’t, what your competitor is not doing that you can, etc. Understanding your competition is an important business strategy to help you always be better.


Getting your business started online can be a daunting task if you are not fully aware of the many opportunities available, as well as potential pitfalls. At Yello, we offer a range of digital services that can help you excel in the online space. Contact us today for more information.



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