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Tips For An Effective Business Blog


In a previous article, we addressed why it is essential for your business to have a blog. Some of these reasons included the fact that a quality blog helped businesses acquire more customers, improve their SEO and search engine ranking, better understand their audience and more. The key phrase, however, is “quality blog”. None of the aforementioned benefits will occur if the quality of your business blog is poor. So here are a few tips for creating and maintaining an effective business blog.

  1. Know Your Audience – Truly the core of all business activities. When your goal is always to gain and retain customers, knowing and understanding what appeals to them is essential to any marketing activity. And your business blog is no different. Knowing and understanding your audience will guide what topics you write about, how you write about those topics, etc.
  1. Use Catchy & SEO Friendly Headlines – Having a great, well-written blog is meaningless if people cannot find it. And the best way to have your blog be found is by using catchy and SEO friendly headlines that Google and other search engines will pick up.
  1. Break Up Monotony – Have you ever tried reading a long text that has few paragraphs and breaks in-between? Chances are you found it difficult to keep reading and eventually just skimmed through or gave up on it entirely. It is important to mix things up when creating your blog. For one thing, it makes it much easier for people to read and understand and helps keep their interest. This can be done by having short paragraphs, including bullet points, numbered lists, etc.
  1. Use Visuals – Piggybacking off the above, it is important to remember that your blog does not only have to be text-heavy. In fact, without visuals, it is highly unlikely that you will see as much as success from your blog as you would with visuals. Science has shown that visual content reaches the brain faster and in a more understandable way than text information. And statistics across various social media channels have shown that including visuals (images, videos, infographics, etc.) increases the interest and success in a post. Simply put, visuals work.
  1. Mix It Up – Someone once said, “Once you become predictable, no one’s interested anymore.” It’s always important to mix things up and the same principle applies to your business blog. While visuals are great and effective, it doesn’t mean every blog post should be overwhelmed by them. If you’ve used photos a lot, try including more videos instead or infographics. Are most of your posts short-form, then try having a few longer and more in-depth ones. The key is to avoid becoming repetitive.
  1. Link To Credible Sources – People are far more likely to accept what you say if you have some proof to back up your statements, whether that’s with quotes by an influential individual, statistics, etc. Therefore, linking to credible sources in your blog posts not only gives weight to your post but it makes you appear more credible and helps position your business as a thought leader. Linking to credible sources also helps widen your audience as the source may be willing to share and post about your blog post, as a thank you for the link.
  1. Provide Quality Content – This should go without saying but unfortunately, too many times businesses are more focused on simply getting a post out to say they are blogging, without being vigilant with the quality of the content. Providing quality content for your blog does not simply mean the quality of what you write about but also ensuring there are no grammatical errors in your blog posts, links are working and are the correct ones, data quoted is accurate, etc. A sure way to cause your customers and potential customers to lose interest in your blog is to deliver subpar content.
  1. Be Consistent – Posting a blog post once in a while is not going to cut it and is certainly not going to help your business gain success. It is important that before starting a business blog, you establish a consistent schedule for it. Ideally, once a week is most effective but for small businesses where the blog is being handled by the owner or someone else wearing many other hats, bi-weekly or even monthly is okay. Just be consistent.
  1. Engage Readers/Customers – This is key. People do not like feeling ignored and your customers and potential customers are no different. If people have taken the time to read your blog posts, like and be interested enough in it to comment, acknowledge those comments. A simple “thank you for reading” or “thank you for your feedback” can do wonders. If they have contributed a well-thought out comment, respond with a follow-up question to them that opens up dialogue.
  1. Promote Across All Channels – Finally, always remember that none of your content exists in isolation and that includes your blog post. Simply writing and posting your blog where it lives is not enough to attract and engage with customers and potential customers. You must promote your blog post across your other social media channels to get as much as mileage as possible from it.

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