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"Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable power and to do this in a friendly and courteous manner."

Before 1923
Before 1923 Electric light can only be seen on the grounds of the Aruba Gold Company at Balashi.

Mr. A.J.P. van Meeteren acquires a concession to establish a power company on the island. The first power plant starts its operation headed by van Meeteren. It consists of just one engine and can only generate electricity for about 50 lampposts of 25 Watt each.

The concession is transferred to Mr. John G. Eman by van Meeteren. He works very hard to increase the plant's capacity and steadfastly expands his area of distribution. When he died, his wife, Mrs. F. van der Biest-Eman, continues the operations of the firm under the name ELECTRA N.V.

Nov. 9, 1950
The Parliament meets to discuss a proposal by the Island Government to expropriate ELECTRA in order to serve the public interest of Aruba. The company has been struck by a string of difficulties.

Nov. 11, 1950
ELECTRA becomes a Government property with the passing of the proposal, 11 votes in favor and 8 against. The concession is granted to the Dutch owned corporation OGEM N.V. (Overseas Gas and Electricity Company). The proposal specifies that ELMAR (formerly ELECTRA) must be an independent company and not a subsidiary of Curacao. It falls directly under the management of the main office of its parent company OGEM in the city of Rotterdam, Holland.

Nov. 15, 1950
N.V. ELMAR ("Naamloze Vennootschap Electriciteit-Maatschappij Aruba") officially takes over the production and distribution of electricity. The production plant is located at Spaans Lagoen. It has three diesel engines with a capacity of 3000 KW, which gradually increased in the following years through the expansions that took place.

The Island Government buys a new power station with a capacity of 15.000 KW. It is destined for the yet to be established WEB N.V. (Water and Power Company) that would also provide Aruba with drinking water. Elmar and the Government also agree that Elmar would buy as much power as possible from this new power station.

A new agreement is established between the Island Government and Elmar
WEB is now bound to supply Elmar with all the electricity it needs. From now on the power production is entirely in the hands of WEB while Elmar is responsible for the distribution of electricity and the building and maintenance of the power lines.

1982 - 1990
A trustee of bankruptcy manages Elmar because of OGEM's financial problems.

The OGEM's consortium is dissolved. Its shares in Elmar are sold to Utilities Aruba N.V., a Government-owned holding company. Today Elmar is a stable company with a solid financial record and managed on a commercial basis, naturally within the limits of the concession.

You own the parcel
To get connected you need to drop by at either one of our offices. If the parcel has a connection, but not a meter, you can fill out an application form. Customer Service will need to see a valid picture identification, otherwise Elmar cannot provide you with service. An Aruban ID card, Aruban, Netherlands or Netherlands Antillean driver's license or passport are the accepted methods of identification. You also need to give us a proof that you own the parcel. We accept copies of notary deeds and also the form you can get at the dept. of HypYou are required to pay a security deposit.

If the parcel has a connection and a meter, but the meter is registered in our system in another person's name, then this person must first discontinue the service before you, the owner, can apply for service.

You rent the parcel
If the parcel has a connection, but not a meter, you need to ask Customer Service for an application form and the owner of the parcel must write his/her complete name and sign in the appropriate section of this form, plus we need a copy of his/her picture id. Only after doing this, can you take back the form so that the Customer Service can complete your application for service.

In case the parcel has a connection and a meter, but the meter is registered in another person's name, then this person must first discontinue the service even though the owner of the house has already signed the relevant section on your application form.


  • To start service, a valid ID, proper proof of ownership of the parcel, the 'keuringskaart' on which is written that the installation is approved, and a security deposit is required.
  • ELMAR will provide you with power no later than 5 workdays if all requirements have been met. The 5 workdays start on the day we receive your completed application form.
  • At the moment we receive your form, we must give you, free of charge, a booklet with the terms for connection to the electricity grid. If not, ask a customer representative for a copy.
  • If there is no connection at the parcel, contact our Technical Inspection Dept. or Customer Service for more info.
  • Customer Service in Oranjestad, Hato, and San Nicolas will assist you in starting/ending your service and in all matters concerning your bill.

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