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Coffee Brewing Devices

Smit & Dorlas Caribbean N V

Coffee Brewing Devices
Smit & Dorlas Caribbean N V
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Smit & Dorlas Caribbean N V
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The tradition of the Smit & Dorlas Companies to only supply top-of-theline quality, dates back to its origin in 1822 and 1825, when the “Smit Koffie” Company and the “Dorlas Koffie” Company were founded respectively in Amsterdam and Gouda in the Netherlands. Both companies concentrated on the top end of the institutional market, servicing hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. Smit & Dorlas Koffiebranders B.V. -The Netherlands: 190 Years of Experience. The paths of these two companies crossed, after 150 years, in 1978. They joined forces in buying coffee from around the world and production, while maintaining their commercial independence. This joining of forces took place at a time when the traditional quality product, as compared to the mass-produced product, was experiencing a true revival where the exclusively and traditionally roasted coffee found a ready market. In July 1980 the “Dorlas Koffie” Company took over the “Smit Koffie” Company. The Head Office and Roasting Company since then bear the name of SMIT & DORLAS KOFFIEBRANDERS B.V. and so the brand name “SMIT & DORLAS KOFFIE” was born. SMIT & DORLAS KOFFIEBRANDERS B.V. is located in Mijdrecht, The Netherlands. In 1980 the “Dorlas Koffie” Company took over the “Smit Koffie” Company and so the head office and roasting house since then bear the name of SMIT & DORLAS KOFFIEBRANDERS B.V. Since 1999 the headquarters of Smit & Dorlas koffiebranders b.v. is located in Mijdrecht, The Netherlands. Smit & Dorlas Caribbean N.V. in Aruba In 1991, after an extensive feasibility study and a successful introduction to the Arubian market, Smit & Dorlas Caribbean n.v. opened its first office in Aruba.

On September 8th 1998, Smit & Dorlas Caribbean n.v. became an independent coffee company in Aruba with Smit & Dorlas Koffiebranders b.v. in the Netherlands as the Main Supplier. On November 6th, 2001, Smit & Dorlas Caribbean n.v. celebrated the Official Inauguration of its own new building with offices, showroom, warehouse and a Coffee House at De La Sallestraat 30, in Oranjestad, Aruba.

  • Smit & Dorlas Caribbean N.V. has different kinds of machines to offer. Besides an excellent coffee blend we also have machines from renowned brands. Smith & Dorlas offers the following types of coffee machines:
  • Espresso Machines
  • Smit & Dorlas Caribbean N.V. is the official Distributor of the World Leader in Espresso Machine: La Cimbali from Italy. Cimbali has been producing espresso and cappuccino machines since 1912. The extraordinary passion for quality and a renowned talent for innovation led the company to become an ambassador of the espresso coffee culture in the world.
  • At Smit & Dorlas Caribbean N.V. we offer the following Machines from La Cimbali:
  • Traditional Machines
  • Full Automatic Machines
  • Coffee Grinders
  • Besides La Cimbali we also have a line of Saeco Aulika Automatic Espresso Machines especially for offices or small restaurants. The Saeco Aulika is a one-touch bean-to-cup machine from Saeco. Ideal for office coffee and locations serving an average of 50 cups per day, the Aulika makes cappuccino, black coffee and espresso at the touch of a button.
  • Smit & Dorlas Caribbean N.V. also offers automatic milk frothing machine. The Foamino from Thermoplan is simple to use at the press of a button. It produces a foam, that is picture perfect to your customers. The foam is compact and long-lasting so that your Cappuccino looks fabulous when it is served to your customer. Once programmed, the Foamino will remember your specific milk foam portion size to enable you to produce consistent drinks. It may also be operated manually.
  • Coffee Vending Machines
  • Smit & Dorlas Caribbean N.V. offers a wide variety of Coffee Vending Machines depending on your needs.
  • The Coffee Vending Machines from Necta are manufactured in Italy. Necta is the cornerstone brand of N&W. With its complete range of vending machines, Necta offers an enormous choice of products and associated services. From small offices to coffee lounges, from busy locations up to public installations
  • Smit & Dorlas
  • La Cimbal
  • Saeco Aulika
  • Thermoplan
  • Necta
  • Animo
  • Curtis
  • Smit & Dorlas Ceylon Blend
  • Twinings
  • Revolution Teas
  • First Tea
  • White Line
  • Black Line
  • China Mist, Freshly Brewed Iced Tea
  • DaVinci Flavored Syrups:
  • Cappucine
  • machi
  • Your Coffee....Our Passion!
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