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Bryan W H & Co Ltd

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Bryan W H & Co Ltd
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Bryan W H & Co Ltd
55 Tudor Street General Office
General Information

W. H. Bryan has been the leading full collection agency in Barbados since 1955. The company counts among its clients, many of the largest and most prestigious consumer credit grantors in the nation. It represents businesses in the retail, financial, legal, and property management industries and has generated more than $110 million in gross collections for active clients.

Looking to the future, the company continues to improve in and expand its programs, this will be accomplished through a multifaceted strategy that includes:

- Increasing call capacity and debt services
- Expanding office hours
- Implementing state of the art debt collection tools
- Optimising debt collection processes
- Collaborating with customers and stakeholders
- Increasing analytical capabilities
- Optimising debt operations
- Credit management and debt counseling

W. H. Bryan is committed to increasing collections in a cost effective manner and making sure that all its clients are satisfied and all its debtors and treated fairly.

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