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Hallel Senior Citizens Home

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Hallel Senior Citizens Home

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Hallel Senior Citizens Home
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Hallel Senior Citizens Home
29 Heywoods Estate, St. Peter
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Founded in 2002, our company was started by a business oriented family team who wanted to help people find a caring home for their elderly ones, Doctors referrals and word of mouth have led to our success. We hired and trained a range of healthcare experts to meet our client’s needs.

We currently have a staff of over 20 professionals who look after our residents with expert care, catering to the individual needs our residents with ages ranging between 69-100 years old.

Whether you need a short term stay just a few days or a more supportive long-term arrangement, we can help. Our home healthcare experts will work with you and your doctor to come up with a visiting healthcare schedule that’s just right for you and your loved one.

We can help you stop worrying and focus on your own health. Call us today to set up a time to discuss your specific needs.

Peacefully, Quiet, Tranquillity to Good Health

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Conditions and Service

27 Apr 2016

Very clean and homely . Feels like a family Home and not a Seniors home. Just feels like a dwelling house. Clean and fresh, breezy and good scenery. Comfortable and clean and good scents -no foul smells . Residents clean and welltaken care of. This is a top class establishment in terms of ambiance and comfort. No issues ! Satisfied customer.


6 Nov 2015

toured the home clean< and patients seem happy. FROM retired officers .,retired nurses to everyday seniors . would recommend it for your love one.