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Paulo's Churrasco Do Brasil


Paulo's Churrasco Do Brasil

Paulo's Churrasco Do Brasil
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15 hrs 21 mins
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  • Monday to Sunday 5:00pm - 12:00am
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Paulo's Churrasco Do Brasil
St Law Gap Ch Ch
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General Information

Paulo's Churrasco do Brasil is an only Brasilian Steak House in the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados, for all you meat lovers out there, this is a not to be missed Steak House .

A Churrascaria or 'Brasilian Steak-House', specialises in open-fire cooking, a technique that dates back three centuries and features a continuous parade of delicious meats that are brought to your table for a delectable feast.

The Churrasco tradition, from South Brasil, was started by the gauchos , of old Brasil. After a day on the plains, the gauchos would cook their food by slowly roasting their meat around a large open fire. While they talked about the day's adventures, the meat would slowly cook in its own juices absorbing the smoky flavors of the wood.

  • Buffet
  • Brazilian & Seafood Restaurant
  • Paulo's Churrasco do Brasil
  • In a steakhouse atmosphere there a combination of Soup, Salad and meat slowly prepared in the traditional way of slowly roasting over an open fire which locks in all the flavor and juices
  • The Real Taste of Brazil
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