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Sol Service Stations

Fuels Supply & Service, Spring Garden , St. Michael

Sol Service Stations

Fuels Supply & Service, Spring Garden , St. Michael
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Sol Service Stations
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Sol Service Stations
Sol Service Stations SOL
(Barbados) Ltd
Mighty Gryner Highway,
Spring Garden , St. Michael

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General Information

Sol began as an inspired idea to create a world-class, energy company, managed and operated by a highly motivated and dedicated Caribbean-based team.

The Sol Group supplies fuels, lubricants, and LPG through an extensive service station network and supplies petroleum-based products to commercial customers who are involved in shipping, luxury boating, aviation, mining, trucking, and fleet operations.

Sol is the largest independent petroleum marketing company in the Caribbean basin, with operations spanning across 23 countries. Our main goal is to power the region with reliable and safe solutions.

With our range of Synergy products, we have a fuel to suit every driver's needs. We know that a lot of people think all fuel is pretty much the same, but our Synergy fuels are superior, and your car will notice the difference.

The world was first introduced to the Sol brand in 2005, when the company was born, and the Sol logo was unveiled.
Sol (the Spanish word for sun) embodies the spirit of the Caribbean region. Our name and our sunburst logo are direct representations of our team's energy and commitment to being a central element of all aspects of life in the Caribbean.

The Sol visual brand reflects the vibrancy of the Caribbean
our prominent orange and blue colour palette was designed to personify the warm hues of the Caribbean landscape.

  • Sol Go Further Gasoline
  • Sol Go Further Diesel
  • Sol Gas
  • Sol Card
  • Sol Shop
  • Shell V-Power Gasoline
  • Shell Helix
  • Shell Rimula
  • Shell Tellus
  • Shell Spirax
  • Pennzoil Lubricants
  • Petroleum Products
  • Service Station
  • Convenience Stores
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Petroleum Products
  • Retail Fuels
  • Lubricants
  • LPG
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9 Aug 2015

The service is great

Great Service

23 Jul 2015

Great service, excellent team members