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Justice Of The Peace

Allister Collins Firm

Justice Of The Peace
Allister Collins Firm
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Allister Collins Firm
MORUCA OFFICE (Moruca Sub-district, Region #1


Or : 592-685-6448

Or : 592-503-1451
General Information

ALLISTER COLLINS FIRM provides the services of a Justice of the Peace as well as a Commissioner to administer Oaths to Affidavits, and to receive declarations and affirmations in lieu of Oaths, and Statutory Declarations Act and to certify those affidavits, declarations, affirmations, or statutory declarations.

The ALLISTER COLLINS FIRM pledges to provide exceptional and timely service to the residence of Moruca Sub-district, Region # 1. Contact our Moruca Branch Manager, Ms Rennita Williams, JP & Commissioner of Oaths.

The team at Allister Collins Firm is efficient. We do not know any other way than to provide efficient and quality service to all our customers.

We pledge to deliver effective & reliable legal documentation services to our clients. We treat all individuals using our service with the utmost respect.

  • Affidavit of Minor Clerical Error (Birth Certificate Error)
  • Deed Poll
  • Revocation of Deed Poll
  • Affidavit in Support of Identity
  • Affidavit of Identity of Names
  • Affidavit of Residence
  • Affidavit of Income
  • Affidavit of Subsidy
  • Affidavit of Application for Lost Grosse
  • Affidavit in Support of Giving Custody of Child
  • Affidavit in Support of Verifying Person Unmarried
  • Memorandum of Deed of Gift
  • Power of Attorney
  • Limited Power of Attorney
  • Act of Revocation Power of Attorney
  • Civil Jurisdiction (Permission to Play Music)
  • Agreement of Loan
  • Agreement of Rental/Tenancy
  • Agreement of Sale and Purchase
  • Affidavit in Support of Acquisition of Land
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Certificate of Character
  • Certificate of Valuation
  • Affidavit in Support of Lost Documents
  • Preparing & Signing of Biographic Form
  • Preparing & Signing of Passport Form
  • Marriage Petitions Forms
  • Affidavit in Support of Financial Asset
  • Letter of Administration
  • Agreement of Settlement
  • Affidavit in Support of Verifying and Receiving Benefit Claims
  • Living with until Death
  • Affidavit in Support of Being the Sole Responsible Parent
  • Stolen/Damaged Passport
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Verifying Deponent Not Owner of Any Passport
  • Disbursement of Property (Agreement)
  • Affidavit in Support of Cohabitation
  • Affidavit in Support of Being Able to Meet My Financial
  • Commitment
  • Agreement of Promissory Note
Payment Options
  • Cash Accepted
  • Cheque

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