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Delivery Solutions

Delivery Service

Delivery Solutions

Delivery Service
Delivery Solutions
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Delivery Solutions
Suite 1
4 Altamont Terrace Kingston 5 St. Andrew
General Information

Delivery Solutions is a messenger/courier service that offers delivery of letters and packages across Jamaica. We specialize in the delivery of letters/packages for companies who require urgent delivery of important mail on a routine basis. We will meet the most demanding requirements for same day service. We have developed and customized a solution designed for your specific needs. Our Offices are equipped with the latest in office equipment, computer technology and we are able to communicate world-wide through various means.

Delivery Solutions Services includes:

Door to door Bulk Mail Delivery (Track & Trace Technology)
Bill Payment
Tax Office and Bank Transactions
Bearer Outsourcing
Automated Sorting Solutions
Automated Inserting & Labeling
Mail Room Consultation
USP's Certification.

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