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China Garden Restaurant Limited

6 Dominica Drive Kingston 5, St. Andrew | Restaurants

China Garden Restaurant is located on Dominica Drive in the business district of New Kingston. We offer freshly prepared, authentic Chinese cuisine, and all our meals are cooked to order. Come and ...

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Kuyaba Negril Ltd

Norman Manley Boulevard Negril, Jamaica | Restaurants

Kuyaba's rustic & charming ambience allows you to dine on the open-air dining deck or in the roof covered dining room. Wooden decks, thatch roofs & adobe walls, surrounded by palm trees, water ...

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Little Caesars Pizza

Negril Shopping Centre Negril Westmoreland | Restaurants
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Restaurant Associates Limited, and also of Burger King and Popeyes Jamaica, which began operations in Jamaica in December 1984. Over the years, the company has expanded its locations and now boasts ...

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Masala Wok

SuperValu Town Centre 144 Constant Spring Road Kingston | Restaurants

At Masala Wok, we've been serving up a variety of Chinese food plates crafted with fresh, authentic ingredients, and flavoured to perfection. Whether you're craving mild or spicy, sweet or savoury, ...

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Popeyes Chicken & Seafood

32A Constant Spring Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew | Restaurants
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Restaurant Associates Limited, franchisee of Burger King and Popeyes Jamaica, began operations in Jamaica in December 1984. Over the years, the company has expanded its locations and now boasts twenty...

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Dragon Garden Restaurant

121 1/2 Constant Spring Road Kingston 8, St. Andrew | Restaurants

Delicious Chinese cuisine for the food lovers of Jamaica. Our restaurant is a cornerstone in the Jamaican community and has been renowned for its exceptional Chinese cuisine, first-rate service and ...

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134 Old Hope Road Kingston 6 St. Andrew | Restaurants
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Wendy's culture is based on the common sense values our founder, Dave Thomas lived by. Dave taught that "Quality Is Our Recipe" we never cut corners, and we always deliver on our promises.Wendy's team...

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Alhambra Inn

1 Tucker Avenue Kingston 6 St. Andrew | Restaurants

Located a stone's throw away from the busy commercial district of New Kingston and minutes from the airport, Alhambra Inn is your oasis in the city. Our hotel offers a relaxed, tropical paradise ...

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JFP LTD (Jamaica Fibreglass Prods Ltd)

155 Spanish Town Road Kingston 11, St. Andrew | Restaurants

JFP Ltd (Jamaica Fibreglass Products Ltd) is a commercial contract furniture manufacturer and a forerunner in the global hospitality and commercial furniture industry, offering an extensive range of ...

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Jolly's Drive Inn Restaurant & Lounge

1 Port Henderson Road Portmore, St. Catherine | Restaurants

Are you craving delicious seafood done just the way you like it?Come to Jolly's Restaurant & Lounge. We are your seafood and local delectable destination.Located on the seashore, you can relax and ...

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Living Food & Juices

Shop 2, Lane Plaza, South Avenue St. Andrew | Restaurants

I have always had a passion for food and nutrition. Most often than not, I can identify with the popular food adage that says, you are what you eat. I wholeheartedly believe in this saying and as such...

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Pelican The

Gloucester Avenue Montego Bay St. James | Restaurants

The Pelican Grill is a family-owned and operated business which has served only the freshest, truly Jamaican homestyle dishes to Montego Bay patrons for over 50 years. We are where the locals eat! ...

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R Hotel

2 Renfrew Road Kingston 10, St. Andrew | Restaurants

Located in the heart of New Kingston, Jamaica' emerging business capital, the R Hotel offers exceptional guest services while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, luxury infused ...

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Roots Bamboo Beach

Norman Manley Boulevard Negril Westmoreland | Restaurants

Enjoy the tranquillity and ambiance of Roots Bamboo Beach Resort where you will experience true 'yard' culture, food, and vibes.Roots Bamboo Beach Resort is located on the Norman Manley Boulevard in ...

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Dragon Court Restaurant

6 South Avenue Kingston 10, Jamaica | Restaurants

Dragon Court, Elegant Chinese Restaurant provides sumptuous dishes specially prepared for dine in, take out or any other social functions and special occasions. We also have Dim Sums every day from ...

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Best Restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica

Best Restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica

The magic of Kingston is more than entertainment – it's the energy of the space, the lifestyle, and of course, the amazing array of cuisine served in restaurants all over the city. From local to international cuisine, Kingston has some of the best restaurants, and Yello is making it easier to find what you need to suit your budget and satisfy your palate.

There is a restaurant to suit almost every taste. Fine dining, romantic restaurants, seafood, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and vegetarian are just a few of the restaurants you will find with ease throughout the city. You can use Find Yello to filter your results based on location, cuisine, and services like catering, specials, outdoor, delivery or takeaway. Then, check the restaurants' websites to compare menus and prices, so you can choose where to eat.


Looking for the Top Restaurant Locations in Kingston?

It doesn't matter where you are in Kingston, if you are an adventurous foodie or a picky eater, there's always a restaurant nearby. Your main challenge may be deciding which one to choose.

If you're looking for restaurant options in a centralised location, there are many restaurants in New Kingston, Half-Way Tree and Liguanea. Downtown, Kingston is the home to a selection of waterfront restaurants known to delight the taste buds. If you're up for a drive, check out the waterfront restaurants in the historically rich Port Royal, which are also great for romantic meals.

Speaking of romantic meals, fine dining restaurants are scattered throughout the metropolis with Sovereign North in Liguanea, Market Place in Half-Way Tree and Knutsford Boulevard in New Kingston being key areas for dining. These areas are also great if you need a romantic restaurant or a five-star restaurant in Kingston.

From Downtown Kingston to Cross Roads, New Kingston to Half-Way Tree, Liguanea to Red Hills Road and back, you will find Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, vegetarian, vegan, and Indian restaurants.

If you want to go out for breakfast, there are also a few breakfast restaurants on Lady Musgrave Road, Holborn Road, Knutsford Boulevard in New Kingston, and Sovereign North in Liguanea.

While many restaurants offer a range of cuisines, some focus mainly on speciality cuisine.


What Are the Most Popular Cuisines Found in Restaurants in Kingston?

The restaurant scene in Kingston features various cuisines that also reflect the nation's diverse ethnic groups. In addition to local and some Caribbean cuisine, North American, European, and Asian dishes are among the culinary offerings you will find in Kingston.

Indian, Chinese, Japanese, vegetarian, African, Mediterranean, and Mexican cuisines can be found at speciality eateries. It doesn't matter if you're a local or a tourist; everyone is treated to the authentic cuisine on offer in each speciality restaurant.

With the large variety of dishes available in some restaurants, you'll find the usual and some unusual suspects that include burgers, seafood, jerked meats, chicken, meat, rice, pasta dishes and pizza. The option for an appetiser or dessert always presents itself in a treat that tempts the palate and pocketbook!


Restaurants That Specialise in Chinese Food

Chinese food is embedded in our culture. The Chinese restaurants in Kingston offer various Chinese dishes, beverages and food items that boast an infusion of herbs, spices, and flavours from China. These restaurants provide dine-in, takeaway and delivery options as well.


Seafood Restaurants

Seafood restaurants are quite popular in Kingston. There are seafood restaurants in Hellshire, Port Royal, Downtown, Kingston, and other places within the corporate area. The offerings often include shrimp or lobster meals, seafood platters, and fried or steamed fish dishes that may be accompanied by rice, salad, fried dumplings, festivals, green plantains, or pasta.


Italian Restaurants

For some, eating Italian food is like having a love affair with fresh ingredients and Italian flavours that explode in the mouth. Italian restaurants and pizzerias can be found Downtown, in New Kingston, and at Devon House, among other places. Fresh pizza with your choice of topping, plus a myriad of pasta dishes, are usually on offer. Some of these restaurants may also feature Lebanese, Jamaican and cuisine from other regions.


Japanese Restaurants

Sushi is a favourite choice for Japanese food lovers. However, with several Japanese restaurants to choose from across the city, many other enticing meals are also becoming fast favourites. Japanese restaurants in Kingston also serve rolls comprised of shrimp, tuna, prawns, crab, meat, sashimi, and octopus. They also serve vegetarian dishes. So, if you're on the hunt for Japanese restaurants, Find Yello can make your search easier!


Indian Restaurants

You can treat your taste buds to strong and somewhat spicy, yet highly enjoyable Indian cuisine at any of the Indian restaurants in Kingston. The spiciness of Indian food is often done to taste (tolerance), and there are options for vegetarians that are satisfying and good. Lady Musgrave Road, Barbican, East King's House Road, Constant Spring Road and New Kingston are places where you'll find Indian restaurants.


Vegetarian Restaurants

Some restaurants offer a variety of cuisines and may have vegetarian meal options. However, there are dedicated vegetarian restaurants in Kingston, with many including vegan dishes on their menu. These restaurants also cater to diabetics and may have gluten-free and lactose-free options available. For vegetarian restaurants in Kingston, search Find Yello.


Fine Dining Restaurants in Kingston

You can enjoy an ambience rich with sophistication, amazing food, and superb service at any of the fine dining restaurants in Kingston. Popular areas for fine dining include Sovereign North, New Kingston, South Avenue, Constant Spring Road, Waterloo Road and Barbican.


Romantic Restaurants in Kingston Jamaica

A romantic dinner is a great way to celebrate with your love. Be it Valentine's Day, a proposal, an anniversary, or an important milestone, there are many romantic restaurants in Kingston that will make your lunch or dinner special. Most of these restaurants share a common sentiment – the ambience is romantic, the food is usually amazing, and the service will make you smile.


Fast Food Restaurants in Kingston

Some days are busier than others, and you may not have the time to sit down for lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Luckily, Kingston is packed with popular fast food restaurants. With the regular fast food chains and locally owned fast food restaurants serving delicious Jamaican patties, soups, hotdogs, and other baked goodies, you won't be hungry for long. To find fast food restaurants in Kingston, check our Find Yello listings.


Restaurants in New Kingston

New Kingston is a popular business hub, and it's also the home to several restaurants. From fine dining to fast food restaurants, romantic restaurants, to breakfast restaurants, New Kingston has them all. The options include sports bars, Chinese, Japanese, and seafood restaurants, among others. What's great is that many of these eateries are near to each other. You can also find restaurants that offer delivery or takeaway services.


Restaurants that Deliver or Provide Takeaway in Kingston

On days or nights when you prefer to have someone else do the cooking, you can rest assured that many restaurants in Kingston offer takeaway and delivery services. While takeaway or delivery services were commonly provided by Chinese, Japanese and most fast-food restaurants, some fine dining and other speciality restaurants have updated their services to include these options.

Keep in mind that there may be additional delivery charges, and these charges may vary according to your location.


Restaurants in Liguanea

Liguanea boasts a wealth of businesses, with many being housed inside shopping areas. Restaurants in Liguanea can be found in Sovereign North, Sovereign Centre, Lane Plaza, Liguanea Plaza and along Old Hope Road. The options include fast food, fine dining, and speciality restaurants – vegetarian, Indian, Chinese, Italian and Mediterranean. Some of these eateries also offer takeaway or delivery services, or both.


Sports Bar Restaurants in Kingston

Sports bar restaurants in Kingston are popular hang-out spots for unwinding after work, but more so for friends who want to watch their favourite sporting event together. Many of these bars serve speciality drinks, hard liquor, beers, and other beverages. The bar section usually has seats with a flatscreen TV nearby and a menu on hand for those who wish to eat. Most sports bars have multiple flatscreen TVs and designated seating for persons who are dining. The menu may include platters, snacks, and full course meals. Other amenities include bathrooms or a small gift shop that carries sports merchandise. To find a sports bar restaurant near you, search Find Yello.


Breakfast Restaurants in Kingston

Breakfast restaurants are on the rise in Kingston. So, if you wish to sleep in and then hit the road for breakfast, there are several restaurants that will cater to you. Also, just because it's breakfast doesn't mean it won't be amazing; many of these eateries have gotten a five-star rating!

From New Kingston to Lady Musgrave, West King's House Road to Constant Spring, you'll find a breakfast restaurant that has the food that you want. Pancakes, crepes, waffles and eggs with sausages or meat are some of the food options available. If you're vegetarian or vegan, there are breakfast restaurants in Kingston that cater to you too. Another bit of good news is that most of these restaurants offer dine-in, delivery, takeaway, or curbside pickup.


Five-star Restaurants in Kingston

When you think of a five-star restaurant, exceptional cuisine worth the trip and cost of the meal, and fantastic service are what come to mind. Some of the five-star restaurants in Kingston offer Indian, French, vegan, and vegetarian cuisines. Popular locations include Lady Musgrave Road, New Kingston, Barbican, Liguanea, Constant Spring Road and Hope Road.


What Else Should You Know about Restaurants in Kingston?

Fine dining and some speciality restaurants may require that you make reservations before visiting. The restaurant scene is vibrant and comes alive during restaurant week or periods of festivities in Kingston. It's a good idea to book your reservation to secure your table, especially at any of the top restaurants in Kingston.

Catering has become a popular service that some restaurants offer, so if you'd like caterers for your event, search Find Yello. Another service that most restaurants in Kingston provide is renting a private room where you and your guests can enjoy great food and each other. For private parties, you may have the option of ordering from the menu, or you can speak with the restaurant about creating a special menu for you and your guests.

Most restaurants accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) and debit cards, and cash. As expected, what you wear and how much you spend depends on the type of restaurant you visit. Casual clothing is expected at fast food restaurants and some speciality restaurants if you are not dining. For fine dining, most speciality restaurants, and romantic restaurants, formal wear may be expected. If you aren't sure, ask about the dress code when you call to make reservations.


The diversity of cuisines offered at restaurants in Kingston ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy. We know it can take a little nudge to decide which restaurant to choose, and our Find Yello listings can help. Simply type in the restaurant's name, view their profile and click 'reviews' for an idea of what to expect.


If you've visited a restaurant in Kingston and would like to share your feedback, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the star rating you'd like to give. This will take you to a sign-in page where you can be on your way to becoming a Yello subscriber with the power to rate and review restaurants. Your review is valuable and can lead to gaining points and other incentives!

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