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School Of Excellence

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School Of Excellence

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School Of Excellence
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Contact Details
School Of Excellence
3 Balmoral Ave Kgn 10

Or : 876-754-4705

Or : 876-929-5832
Or: 876-227-4911
Or: 876-754-4705
Or: 876-929-5832
General Information

School Of Excellence is an organisation that provides tutelage for students preparing for the CXC/CSEC/NCTVET and City & Guilds Examinations and after-school classes for high school students.

Our locations are:

Kingston Branch

3 Balmoral Avenue (Off Half Way Tree Road)

Kingston 10

Tel: 929-5830, 754-4705, 227-4911, 929-5832

Santa Cruz Branch

56 Main Street 4 of 7 56 Main Street (Upstairs VMBS)

St. Elizabeth

Tel: 966-4431/966-2502

The school has grown steadily since its beginning and is increasingly attracting bright, disciplined students striving to succeed academically. The teaching staff is highly qualified and the school has maintained an excellent pass rate in all CXC/CSEC subjects offered and courses offered.

Cost per subject:

Each CXC/CSEC subject starts at $7,000 per subject per term for the Kingston Branch.

Each CXC/CSEC starts at $4500 per subject per term for the Santa Cruz Branch

Registration fee - $2500 (paid only once)

Registration fee-$1500 for Santa Cruz Branch (paid only once)

Features include: (Free Subjects)

Do three subjects and obtain one other subject free.

Do five subjects and obtain two other subjects.

Free -air-conditioned, clean, spacious classrooms.

Free past papers for all subjects.

Excellent pass rates.

The school is an exam centre for CXC, NCTVET and City & Guilds Examinations. Scholarship refund cheques for excellent exam results School of Excellence Partners with the Overseas Exams Commission. Ministry of Education & Youth and the Ministry of Labour & Social Security.

Class Schedule: -Day classes 8:30am to 4pm. -Evening classes 5pm to 7pm for the Santa Cruz Branch. Evening classes 5:30pm to 8:30pm for the Kingston Branch and Saturday classes 8:30am to 7p.m.

Register now for classes which are scheduled to start in September and January.

You will be glad you did.

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  • Parking - Free
  • Wifi - Free

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1 Jun 2016


General Experience

25 Feb 2016

The school is OK depending on who is teaching you. Though I enrolled for I.T with them knowing at the time there was no teacher to teach the subject. We went three weeks without a teacher with excuses every week, to find out the previous teacher had retired (the third week they finally hired a teacher). That was bothersome to me as to the things they would do for money.

Some teachers are not that easy to communicate with while others seem to be the inventors of "teaching". That good. A normal thing but especially while at School of Excellence, read ahead of classes. I found to understand Accounts (I registered for a total of four subjects) a lot better just from reading the book, not saying the teachers presence wasn't necessary because you do get additional insight the text doesn't supply.

In other words its ok, depending on who is your teacher and you as an individual.

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13 Feb 2016

Its a nice school.