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Strokes & Slants
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Strokes & Slants
Panjam Building
60 Knustsford Boulevard Kingston Jamaica
Cellular: 876-573-1060

General Information

Strokes & Slants International Handwriting Services' Beverley East has practised the science of forensic document examination in the US, UK, Jamaica and other countries for 30 years.

She has worked on several cases involving verifying the authenticity of signatures and comments for fraud and malpractice concerning cheques, wills, contracts and medical records.

Ms East's opinion has been sought after for major media landmark cases such as the Jon Benet Ramsey investigation. And, in September 2009, her perspective on the Anthrax letters was included in the National Geographic television documentary and aired internationally.

A seasoned handwriting expert, she has examined many will and testament fraud cases. And, she has won cases in the Supreme Court in Kingston, Jamaica, High Court of Trinidad & Tobago, and in Washington DC courts. One significant examination resulted in a $4.5 million win for the Washington DC firm, Troutman & Saunders.

Ms East has lectured at major universities in Criminal Justice, and she has been featured in the print media. She has also participated in a Research and Reliability Study for the British Institute of Graphologists.

  • Altered Documents
  • Anonymous Letters Evaluation
  • Authenticating Historical Documents
  • Corporate Training
  • Court Qualified Expert Witness
  • Disputed Land Transfer
  • Forged Checks
  • Identity Fraud
  • Will And Testament Fraud
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