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Treasure Beach Hotel

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Treasure Beach Hotel

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Treasure Beach Hotel
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Treasure Beach Hotel
48 High St BkRv
[email protected]
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For an unforgettable experience, visit Treasure Beach Hotel to enjoy a pleasurable stay. We strive to meet the expectations of our guests by catering to customer satisfaction and providing quality hotel services through offering beautiful accommodations, reasonable rates and great amenities. Treasure Beach on the lovely South Coast of Jamaica. Most tourists visit North Coast cities like Montego Bay and Ocho Rios and its really sad actually because in my opinion they miss the real Jamaica that is far and away from the tourist traps. Treasure Beach is so relaxed you may find yourself a likkle bored but if you venture out and about you will meet some of the many fine Jamaican families that live in the area. You may even run into a Jamaican with reddish blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. These people are said to be descendants of men from a Scottish ship that wrecked of the coast long ago. However they came to be you'll be shocked at how uniquely beautiful they are. In Florida we would call them red bones due to their skin complexion but in Jamaica they stand out for their unique eye and hair color.

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