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National Conservation Authority (NCA)


National Conservation Authority (NCA)

National Conservation Authority (NCA)
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National Conservation Authority (NCA)
9 Colony House P O Box CP 5489 Castries


Facsimile : 758-452-4109
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General Information

The National Conservation Authority (NCA) is the Organization which grants permission for the use of a beach and designated areas to host activities commercial and otherwise. Here are some of the things you need to know when planning an activity on a beach:
- You must first obtain an application form from the office of the NCA.
- The form must be completed and returned at least two weeks prior to the date of the event.
- You MUST comply with the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority (SLSWMA) garbage management and disposal policy by presenting a garbage disposal plan to the NCA along with your application.
- Fees are determined according to size and nature of the activity however, in all cases a refundable deposit is required. The deposit will be refunded if the NCA is satisfied that the area used has been cleaned.

  • Site Conservation:
  • Conserve the natural beauty and topographic features of Saint Lucia
  • Preserve the natural environment
  • Protect natural sites from destruction
  • Advise the Minister on conservation, preservation and sustainable use of the states natural resources
  • Undertake regular landscaping and tree trimming in designated areas

  • Commercial Services:
  • Grant microbusiness and vendors licenses or permits
  • Maintenance of an uptodate Register of licenses and permits
  • Collect microbusiness, vendors licenses and permits fees
  • Conduct license inspections and renew, issue duplicate or revoke licenses as required
  • Enforce provisions of the Act and apply penalties

  • Beach Management:
  • Remove derelict objects from public beaches
  • Control, maintain and develop all national beaches
  • Maintain or assist in the upkeep of designated beach facilities
  • Provide lifeguard service on public beaches
  • Advise the minister on the construction of beach and ancillary recreational facilities and control the construction of structures on public beaches
  • Secure sanitary conditions on all beaches on the island
  • Keep public beaches clean, safe, beautiful and user friendly
  • Designated Protected Areas Management:
  • Remove derelict objects from designated protected areas
  • Control, maintain and develop all designated protected areas
  • Beautify public places and designated protected areas
  • Advise the minister on lands to be declared as protected areas
  • Enter into written agreements with land owners or occupiers for right of access to designated protected areas
  • Advise the minister on the control of construction of structures in protected areas
  • Preserve or enhance the natural beauty of protected areas
  • Create recreational areas, national parks or marine parks

  • Near Shore Management:
  • Engage Contractors to clean up and remove derelict objects and
  • debris from the shoreline
  • Deploy crews to clean the ocean bed or remove items likely to cause encroachment of the sea
  • Undertake annual schedule cleanup of the national
  • coastline
  • Protect the coastline from continuous erosion or sea encroachment
  • Collaborate with relevant government ministries and public agencies

  • Comfort Station Services:
  • Manage public access and use of comfort stations
  • Provide comfort stations with all necessary supplies
  • Collect fees for use of comfort station facilities
  • Ensure comfort stations are strategically placed and user friendly
  • Keep comfort stations clean and in proper sanitary conditions

Sustaining the natural resources of our country

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