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Pregnancy Myths That You Need to Stop Believing Right Now! 

by Carolyn Lee Jun 10, 2019

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An expectant mother has many things to look forward to. There are changes to the body and lifestyle adjustments. There is also a lot of advice on how to deal with some of the changes.  

At times, some advice border perilously along the line of being myths. These myths are often passed on, some in jest, others as the truth. 

When it comes to pregnancy myths, there are some that are entertaining, while others are a bit bizarre. There are also a few that can be quite misleading. 

Below is a mixture of the entertaining, the bizarre and the misleading.  


Myth: You can’t exercise during pregnancy. 

Reality: If you are healthy and your pregnancy is normal, you can continue, or start most types of exercise. Ensure that you discuss what exercises you can do with your obstetrician during the initial prenatal visits. 


Myth: You need to eat for two. 

Reality: Everyone’s body is different. Speak to your obstetrician or a nutritionist during the early prenatal visits about the recommended range of weight gain for you. This will allow you to have a nutritional plan that is right for you and your unborn baby.  


Myth: You can’t eat chocolate. 

Reality: Pregnant women can have chocolate – in moderation. There is some evidence that eating a specified amount of chocolate may reduce the risk of preeclampsia. 


Myth: You are not allowed to have sex during pregnancy. 

Reality: Unless your doctor or midwife strongly advises against it, it’s perfectly safe to have sex. Discuss what positions are safe with your doctor.  


Myth: You will feel happy all the time, and your skin will glow. 

Reality: The journey is different for each woman. Pregnancy hormones can cause highs and lows. The glow is a result of changes and the increase of hormones during pregnancy. Conversely, pregnancy hormones can also lead to anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing lows, it may be wise to speak to your doctor, who will be able to guide you further. 


Bonus Myth: If a lizard jumps on you, you are pregnant. 

Reality: A lizard may jump on you out of fear. Lizards are not particular about where to jump if they are frightened and in need of an escape. This certainly is not advice to take seriously. If you believe that you may be pregnant, do a pregnancy test. 


Pregnancy is an extraordinary time for a woman and those who are close to her. It is highly recommended that the advice of a medical professional is strictly followed. Good luck on this journey… may it be exciting and rewarding in unexpected ways! 


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