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10 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Next Visit to the Barbershop

by Carolyn Lee Feb 19, 2024

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10 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Next Visit to the Barbershop

Most men go to the barber to groom their hair, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to build a personal relationship with their barber. To remain on good terms with your barber, asking the right questions and understanding barbershop etiquette is essential. Let’s look at a few tips you can use to prepare for your next visit to the barbershop.

Tips to help you prepare for your barber appointment.

Please make an appointment.

Some barbers rent a chair inside the barbershop. Booking an appointment gives the barber an idea of how much money they can make so they can manage their costs. Most barbershops accept walk-in customers, but your appointment can save a long wait, especially if your schedule is hectic or the barber shop is busy.

Maintain good personal hygiene.

A haircut can be an intimate task that requires the barber to stand close to your hair and face. Remember to practise good personal hygiene. Remember to shower, brush your teeth, and wear clean clothes to your appointment. If you must get your hair done after the gym or other sweaty activity, shower beforehand. Unpleasant body or hair odours can be offensive and disrespectful to the barber and other clients.

Wash your hair.

Wash your hair the night before to remove product build-up, dirt, and oil. Do not use hairspray, gels, or pomades before your appointment. These products could make cutting your hair difficult and affect the outcome of your haircut. Don’t wear a hat. Your barber needs to see how your hair behaves naturally to create a style that matches your hair growth pattern. Wearing a hat smooshes your hair down.

Be on time.

Most good barbershops are typically busy, so arriving on time means your barber doesn’t have to rush to keep up with other customers. If you are late, your appointment time might be used for another client, causing you to wait longer for your haircut or reschedule. If you are running late, call your barber to figure out how to accommodate you.

Consult with your barber.

Talk to your barber about your last haircut and profession to explain how you want your hair done. It helps to have an idea of your desired style, so be concise when describing it to the barber. You can bring an image or look at the pictures inside the shop to highlight one like it. Although barbershops generally have images of different styles, you can ask your barber for recommendations.

Be still during your haircut.

It can be easy to forget to be still when talking with your barber during an engaging conversation. But you don’t need to turn your head for the barber to hear you. Unexpected movements can make it difficult for them to do their work well. Also, please don’t stare at the barber when he’s grooming your beard. Staring is a bit creepy and could make him self-conscious. Let your barber focus on your head instead of making eye contact or being in the perfect position to converse.

Stay off your phone.

Our devices allow us to communicate with others and manage some tasks, but they can also be distracting. Constantly checking your phone during a haircut can cause random movements that could disrupt your barber, resulting in mistakes or an unfavourable haircut. Taking several calls can also reduce the time needed to groom your hair. Keep your phone silent or indicate to your barber if you must take a call or respond to urgent messages.

Be respectful.

Please greet everyone when you get there. The barbershop can be a cultural space where important conversations happen. From relationship advice to political debates, there is always friendly banter among barbers and some clients. Avoid participating in or encouraging divisive conversations or using offensive language to those present.

Keep your business private.

Most barbers are friendly and great listeners, which makes it easy to confide in them. However, your barber is not a therapist, so sharing intimate details about your health, relationship, finances, or work issues could make them uncomfortable. Remember, other people might also overhear you and offer unsolicited advice.

Be kind.

Barbers are professionals who work hard and are on their feet for several hours a day. When the shop is busy, some barbers may not have a chance to eat lunch before taking on appointments or walk-in clients. Be patient if your barber is behind schedule with the client ahead of you. Ask about potential price changes before your appointment begins, and do not argue with your barber over the price.

When getting a haircut, your goals should include trusting your barber to help you look good so that you can feel great. Use these tips to remember how to make the most of your visit to the barbershop. Good luck.

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