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Father’s Day Special: A Quick Look At What Being A Father Means To Us

by Carolyn Lee Jun 10, 2019

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We celebrate those we love whenever the opportunity presents itself. Father’s Day is one such occasion that allows us to shower our dads with the love and accolades. 

We wanted to share with you what Father’s Day means to fathers. 

In this special Father’s Day feature, fathers from the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Grenada and Barbados share what they enjoy about being a dad, as well as their challenges and rewards. 


Name: Richard Fletcher. 

Country: Jamaica 

Yello Father's Day

Richard Fletcher with his kids, Mason and Moya. Photo credit: R. Fletcher.


Share your favourite activity to do with your children. What makes it enjoyable for you?

“My favourite activity to do with my children is swimming. We all love water and spend hours at the beach, in the pool, or up and down water slides. They are fearless. We started them on water safety lessons when they were a few months old. So, I trust them in the water. Plus, they are so much fun to be around. I’m usually with them all the time. There’s a mutual love for having fun in the water, and that’s where being a father is a rewarding experience for me.” 


In your opinion, what are two of the challenges of being a father that tend to be overlooked the most?  

“As fathers, we know that we need to send our children to school for academics. However, there is an entire world tempting them, sometimes, in a bad way. I believe one of the most overlooked challenges fathers face is balancing strong moral upbringing to make our children upstanding citizens and allowing them the freedom to grow and enjoy life. The world bombards children with gadgets, TV shows and electronics that help to shape their perception. As fathers, we must set an example of a strong male figure.  

Communication and trustworthiness are also often overlooked. When I tell my 5-year old daughter that I’m picking her up at 6pm, she understands. She asks the nanny for updates, so she knows when it is time. As men, we must be dependable and lead by example. Happy Father’s Day to the fathers out there. It can be challenging but be that rock your family can rely on. 


Name: Henry Muttoo.  

Country: Cayman Islands.

Yello Father's Day

Henry Muttoo with wife Marcia and daughters, Anjuli, Janelle and Maia. Photo credit: M. Muttoo.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a father? 

“I would say that the most rewarding thing about fatherhood is the joy and privilege of being able to take care of a life; being able to watch your children grow from young helpless babies into functioning adults, and to take part in that growth.”   


Name: Jason Phillip 

Country: Grenada 

Yello Father's Day

Jason with his children Rhea, Josh and Gabrielle. Photo credit: J. Phillip.

What do you love most about being a father? 

Becoming a father has been an unprecedented occurrence, unmatched by any other positive event and or experience in my lifetime.   

I am Jason Phillip, a proud and blessed Grenadian man who has fathered three exemplary children.  

My colourful life is made unceasingly eventful, as I’m constantly playing catch-up with the energy surges of Rhea (17), Josh (15), and Gabrielle (9) being curious, opinionated, creative and even mischievous at times. I would have it no other way, as they are truly a reflection of me.”

What is your favourite activity to do with your child? 

“My most fond activities with my children centre around socializing and bonding events, which helps us grow together through our experiences. From lazy days on the beach, “daddy dinner lime”, kite flying activities, even being taught the importance of recycling, attending sporting events, tending to our farm, and much more. 

I am humbled that as I live to witness yet another day in celebration of fatherhood, my expectation is to have more moments, where we can share each other’s company filled with love and joy.” 


Name: Ian Weithers  

Country: Barbados 

Yello Father's Day

Ian keeps a watchful eye on his son Asa during a training session. Photo credit: A. Weithers.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a father? 

“This would be seeing our son grow, learn, develop into a confident, mature, intelligent, disciplined, fun loving, positive man. 

Children are not born with “how to” manuals; they come to us as clean slates with their own unique personalities. The way we write on that slate, as we interact with their unique individual nature, contributes significantly to the persons they become. To the people, we become as well. 

Asa has challenged me to be honest in my words and actions in the same way as I have demanded honesty from him.” 


Name: Michael Burton Snr.

Country: Jamaica 

Yello Father's Day

Michael with his children Michael and Mikiya. Photo credit: M. Burton Snr.

What is an important lesson that your children have taught you?  

“My children have taught me that everyone is unique, so you must use different methods to relate to each. With my son Michael, I follow up with him a lot when it comes to his studies. However, with my daughter Mikiya, I sometimes ask her for a break. She always wants me to help her with her studies. 

I admire that about her. She is an overachiever focused and very driven. We have a good relationship, so she will express her concerns, and share her goals and aspirations with me. Whenever she does well, we have a “success dance” that we do together. 

What I admire most about Michael is that he takes advice and acts on it. I used to share with him that whenever he has an exam, I wouldn’t sleep well because of how worried I was about his performance. He would listen but not say much. When he aced his CSEC exams, he told me that he appreciates my advice. In turn, I shared with him that his success allowed me to enjoy a good night’s sleep! 

As a father, I always look for teachable moments to help them understand life better. I share my experiences and how I grew up, to teach them the value of hard work. I also share inspirational materials with them from Les Brown and others. I believe that the greatest thing in life is not merely to have ‘good grades’ but to apply yourself, so you can accomplish your overall goals and success.” 


We salute all fathers and wish for them a truly happy and love-filled Father’s Day!