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How to Deal With a Holiday Hangover

by Carolyn Lee Dec 19, 2022

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How to Deal With a Holiday Hangover

This holiday allows us to kick back, party, and spend time with our loved ones. Dinner parties, family gatherings, and visiting with friends are some activities that many look forward to enjoying. It is typical to have premium rums, beers, and alcohol-infused drink mixes at holiday events and gatherings.

Regularly drinking alcohol might cause some people to over-indulge, resulting in a hangover. We are sharing a few reminders to deal with a hangover that might help.

Quick facts about hangovers.

Someone experiencing a hangover will have unpleasant signs and symptoms that develop after drinking too much alcohol. Hangover symptoms might occur the next day and can last up to 24 hours. Most symptoms go away on their own. A hangover is uncomfortable, especially if you must work or conduct tasks on the road.

Typical signs and symptoms of a hangover

Headaches, nausea, diarrhoea, and mood disturbances like irritability, depression, and anxiety are some hangover symptoms. Some people may also experience shakiness or have difficulty concentrating, among other symptoms.

How do you treat a hangover?

Fresh fruits, eggs, oatmeal, coffee, green tea, protein shakes, and wholegrain toast are nutritious foods and drinks you can try. Taking a pain reliever that does not have acetaminophen and staying hydrated by drinking water may help.

What should you do if you have severe symptoms?

A struggle to remain conscious, confusion, vomiting, and seizures may indicate alcohol poisoning. Someone experiencing these symptoms should see a doctor immediately.

How do you prevent a hangover?

Avoiding drinking alcohol is the best way to prevent a hangover. If you must drink, do so moderately. Some people have a lower tolerance for alcohol and may experience a hangover after one drink. Eat before and while drinking.

Please use our Find Yello listings to locate a doctor, hospital, pharmacy, and the services you might need. Happy holidays and remember to drink responsibly.

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