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How to Make Mother’s Day Special for A First Time Mom

by Carolyn Lee May 2, 2022

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How to Make Mother’s Day Special for A First Time Mom

Most first-time moms are excited about their first Mother’s Day. They look forward to being pampered and treated lovingly.

Parenting can take a toll, especially for new moms and dads experiencing and navigating many changes to their routines. Unfortunately, these changes can cause some partners to forget to plan for Mother’s Day.

Some partners remember but may need a little help making the day memorable. We’ve got some tips you can use.

Please, put it in writing.

Waking her up with a kiss and a “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting is lovely. Make it even more memorable by writing her a letter or a card expressing your love and gratitude for her being a mom, partner, and friend. Be specific and thoughtful, as this shows you made time to focus on the things you love about her in her new role as mom.

Make it a week-long event.

Mother’s Day is one day, but it doesn’t mean you can’t start showing appreciation before the actual day. Treat her to a week filled with sweet treats and sentiments that let her know you are excited to celebrate her. Love notes, breakfast in bed, taking on some of her chores, and leaving her little gifts, are a few ways to make each day memorable until Mother’s Day.

Be present on Mother’s Day.

Don’t make plans that cause you to lose time with your family. Take care of the menial tasks on Saturday or the days before so you can focus on Mother’s Day. If your favourite game is on, ask a friend or relative to save it so you can watch it some other time. Mother’s Day is a day to spend time with your family, so be present, plan, and execute activities that help you bond.

Make it a family affair.

Your partner expects you to make her feel valued as a new mom. So, when planning to celebrate your mom, remember to include your partner. If your mother and partner get along well, plan a joint celebration. Invite your mom and partner to brunch or dinner. You can celebrate these women and maintain your duty as the primary caregiver for the baby, although both will attempt to be hands-on.

Capture the moments.

It’s her first Mother’s Day and a day when your baby is in the spotlight. If you’ve already started documenting meaningful moments for your baby, Mother’s Day is an occasion worth capturing. The activities and what the baby does will be highlights you can show your child when they are older. A new mom will also treasure these memories later when celebrating other milestones for her or the child. It will remind you how present and committed you were to make her first Mother’s Day beautiful.

Take charge and let her chill.

Your schedule for the day can be simple and effective. Let her sleep in on Mother’s Day while you take care of the baby. Serve breakfast in bed and let her relax until you’re ready to treat her to other gifts. Since new moms are usually tired, pamper her. Drop her off for her spa treatment, and work on the different activities you planned for the day until it’s time to pick her up. Give her a memento (jewellery, painting, sculpture, etc.) to mark her first Mother’s Day.

Even on Mother’s Day, first impressions last. We hope these tips will help you plan a love-infused day your partner will remember and cherish.

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