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Hurricane Awareness: Preparing for a Storm

by Lisa Beauchamp Sep 9, 2019

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Every household should have a plan of action before a hurricane is forecast to ensure that you and your loved are safe during and after the storm.

Here are some useful tips about what to do before the storm:

Stock up on drinking water, canned goods, non-perishable foods and manual can opener.


Make sure you have an adequate supply of prescription medication.

Fill your bathtubs, buckets, jugs and cookware with water for bathing and to flush toilets.

Bring inside or secure outdoor furniture and objects that could be blown around by high winds.

Stockpile candles and matches.

Check that your flashlights are in working order and that you have a plentiful supply of batteries.

When using candles, guard against fire by keeping a bucket of sand close by to absorb small fires or smother flammable liquids.

Close your shutters/blinds or board up your windows and patio doors.

Seal outdoor vents to prevent water entering your home. Use sandbags at doors.


Charge your cell phone.

Fill your car with gas.

Park your vehicles away from the house and large trees.

Unplug electrical appliances.

Fill your cooler with ice.

"ice cubes"

Secure your boat, check the up-chain and bridle of your boat mooring.

Bring in all outdoor pets well in advance of the storm.

Have a household fire extinguisher at hand.

Locate your manual, battery-operated radio. Stock up on extra batteries.


Check on your elderly neighbours.

Ensure all insurance premiums for home and contents are paid up to date.

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