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Nine Tips That Will Help with How to Enjoy a Safe Night Out During Easter

by Carolyn Lee Apr 3, 2023

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Nine Tips That Will Help with How to Enjoy a Safe Night Out During Easter

Many of us have busy lifestyles, so whenever there is a holiday, we go out to have a great time and connect with others. With many events taking place this Easter, we want to remind you of some ways to enjoy a night out safely.

Why is safety important during a night out?

While a night out should be fun, unexpected problems can arise. Robbery, abuse, and accidents are unfortunate incidents that can spoil a night out. Some people imbibe copious amounts of alcohol or drugs, negatively impacting their ability to be aware of their surroundings. Also, some predators attend events to target those who appear vulnerable, so it helps to keep safety in mind while out.  

Create a safety plan.

Think about the location, how to get there, access to safe and reliable transportation or parking, and whom you plan to meet. Are the people you’ll meet responsible? Will there be drugs involved? Do you plan to consume alcohol, and if yes, what is your limit? Asking yourself these questions can help determine the safety measures you must implement for your night out.

Try to stay with your friends.

It can be easy to get separated in crowds, so plan a meeting spot you can go to if you get separated from your friends. Always ask a friend to accompany you to the restroom so someone is with you in case you lose your other friends. Stay somewhere public and call to contact friends if you cannot find them. Large crowds can cause friends to get separated for an entire event, so if you decide to leave, call a taxi from inside the premises and wait until it arrives. Send text messages to let friends know you’ve gone home so they don’t waste time worrying about or searching for you.

Limit your alcohol intake and avoid drug use.

When you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, you can become an easier target for predators. Alcohol and drugs can affect your judgment, reason, and coordination, slowing your reaction time. You’re putting yourself at risk if you drink excessively. So, limit your alcohol intake, avoid drinking on an empty stomach, and get a designated driver or taxi to transport you home. If you plan to hire a driver, ask a friend to travel with you or stay on the phone until you get home.

Display confidence while out in public.

Criminals also observe body language to determine their targets. So, exercise awareness and confidence. Stay off your phone, look around, and make brief eye contact with passersby. Walk with the intent to convey that you know where you are going to show vigilance. Women who plan to drive home can ask a male friend or a security guard to escort them to their vehicle if parked in a dimly lit area.

Be discreet with what you share on social media.

We’ve seen those cute Instagrammable pictures of friends sharing their experiences. However, sharing an image or video during your outing can make you a target, especially when you tag the location. “Get ready with me” videos are popular on TikTok and other platforms, but they can also allow criminals to track you and see inside your home. To minimise the risk of being targeted, you can share images from your night out a few days later and set up a designated area for videos that limit what is visible inside your home.

Protect your drinks.

During a night out, people dance and have a good time. So, it can be easy to leave or forget your drinks at a table or bar. However, leaving your drinks unattended allows someone to slip a drug into your glass, targeting you for sexual assault. Try to complete your drink before dancing, take it with you, or buy a new one. Avoid taking premade drinks from strangers. Also, go to the bar and watch the bartender make the drink if someone offers to buy one for you.

Ensure you have emergency money.

Life can be unpredictable, even when you are having fun. You can prepare for the unexpected by keeping some money on you separate from your purse or wallet. You’ll still have some money for a taxi home if you lose your bag or it gets stolen. You can stash your emergency money inside the pocket of your pants, the inside pocket of a jacket, a phone case, or boots (if you are wearing them).

Avoid arguments and confrontations.

Intoxication and misunderstandings can create tension during what is supposed to be an enjoyable time. Pay attention to friends who are typically confrontational or overuse alcohol to detect if they need help or are about to start a conflict with others. Walk away if someone starts a fight with you or one of your friends. You can also report them to the security personnel and leave the area they are in. If a friend gets in a fight, the best option is to pull them away from the situation and take them elsewhere.

Charge your phone.

Completely charge your phone before a night out. With a working telephone, you can make calls if something goes wrong or contact friends if you get separated. Having a functional phone also allows you to call a taxi or someone to come to you. Ensure you have credit on your phone to contact your loved ones before you go out.

Remember, men and women can be victims of robbery, assault, and rape. Protect yourself and the people you are with by being aware so that you can enjoy a night out without incident. If you liked this article and need other everyday living tips, head to Find Yello and click “Articles”. You can also use our search bar to locate lounges, bars, and nightclubs where you can hang out and enjoy the nightlife.

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