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Six Intentional Things You Can Do with Mom on Mother’s Day

by Carolyn Lee May 6, 2024

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Six Intentional Things You Can Do with Mom on Mothers Day

Mother’s Day celebrates the unique value that our mothers bring to our lives. While you might already know what tangible gifts she will appreciate, spending quality time with Mom is something she will always cherish. Here are some intentional things you can do to make this Mother’s Day memorable.

Six intentional things to do with Mom.

Go on an adventure tour.

If your mom loves outdoor activities, consider giving her an adventure tour. Horseback riding, river rafting, ziplining, or a day cruise are some experiences you can share with her. Book beforehand and tell her how to prepare without spoiling the surprise. Remember to capture the moments with videos or pictures, as no adventure is complete without them.

Treat her to high tea.

Give mom a sophisticated high tea experience. This elegant affair will have Mom dressing up and looking her best. Whether you prepare the treats and beverages yourself or take her to an official tea house, she will love sipping from fancy china and indulging in delicious tea sandwiches. You can enhance her experience by giving her a fancy tea set as a gift.

Do a glamorous photoshoot.

Create a memorable experience for your mother with a glamorous photoshoot. Plan her outfit, hairstyle, and makeup, hire a photographer, or ask a friend to capture the special moment. Ensure that you get pictures with you and Mom for posterity. Then, gift her a digital photo frame or framed print of her favourite picture.

Take her to brunch.

Brunch offers a leisurely experience with the perfect ambience, tasty food, and time with others. Treating your mother to brunch on Mother’s Day will help her relax and savour a delicious meal. What’s excellent about brunch is its slow pace, allowing you to spend quality time together without feeling rushed.

Plan a staycation.

A weekend getaway is a perfect way to pamper your mother. Find a local hotel within your budget, make reservations, and include perks like spa treatments, a dinner cruise, or a Mother’s Day brunch. Remember to inform Mom early so she can pack what she’ll need. When you get to your hotel, share a celebratory toast, relax, and provide details of what she can expect for her Mother’s Day treat.

Make her a gratitude jar.

An intentional way you can show Mom appreciation is to give her a gratitude jar. Use a glass jar and get some coloured paper from your local bookstore or pharmacy. Then, let everyone (Dad and other kids) write little notes about what they love most about Mom and how much they appreciate her. This thoughtful, personalised gift will remind her that she is loved and valued.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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