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These Tips Will Help with How to Choose the Right Gift for Your New Love

by Carolyn Lee Feb 6, 2023

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Some treat their partner to an intimate dinner, chocolate, or a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day. Most couples that have been together for a long time have an idea of what their partner will like. However, finding the right gift for a new partner you are just getting to know can be challenging. Should you splurge on something expensive or be thrifty? We have tips to help you choose a gift your partner will appreciate.

Assess your relationship status.

Couples who have only been dating for a short time might question whether they should acknowledge the day. Reflect on how well you know your partner. You might have an idea of what your partner likes despite still getting to know each other. Talk to each other about the day and how you would like to spend the time together. This conversation can help you select the gift or experience that would delight your partner.

Do you want to reciprocate gift-giving?

Choosing the right gift for Valentine’s Day can create a lot of pressure for many new couples. So, when it comes to new love, communicating expectations is essential. Clear communication helps with understanding how to navigate special days. Most men treat the women in their lives to Valentine’s Day gifts. However, many women now return the favour by giving their partners gifts.

Deciding to reciprocate with a gift depends on how well you know each other and where you see your relationship heading. Ladies, get your partner a tangible item. While most men enjoy the emotional and physical gifts you give, they also love having something material.

Get a gift that shows you know your partner.

Splurging on an expensive gift for your new love might surprise them. However, if your new partner prefers simple things, that is where you should focus. When you select a gift that shows you know your partner, it can make the experience memorable. Think about their favourite routine for relaxation, what makes them happy, and things they often talk about doing or buying. Some people might share their goals or wish lists on social media, so check out your partner’s page for tips or ideas. You can also ask your partner for a list of things they would love to have.

We hope these ideas help you select a gift that will delight your partner. Use our Find Yello listings for businesses that may have the products and services you need to make the day special.  – spas, boutiques, hotels, restaurants and more.

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