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Travel Tips: How to Choose a Hotel

by Stephanie Koathes Aug 12, 2019

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Hotel room with champagne and desserts.

Before you can enjoy your vacation, you have to take care of the important details such as choosing a hotel.

Let’s look at some of our top tips when looking for a place to stay.

First filter by price point. It can be daunting to sift through hundreds of accommodation options until you come across the right one for you. Make that long list of hotels a little less overwhelming by filtering out the price points you know are above your reach. Decide what matters most to you in the type of accommodation. Are you looking for somewhere small, intimate and quiet? Or would you rather stay somewhere with lots of activity?

Scrutinise the listed amenities to ensure that the property you’re looking at has the things you’re not will to go without. Is there free WiFi throughout the property? Is it important to you that you stay somewhere that offers a free breakfast or do you need an airport shuttle?

If you’re arriving at your destination late, check to see if the hotel or hostel has a 24-hour check-in desk. If you’re looking for apartment rentals, contact potential hosts to see when is the latest they will be available to check you in, and if late or early check-in carried a fee.

Examine the location of the hotel you’re looking at on a map. Where is it in relation to where you need or want to be? Is it close to the airport, public transportation or any sights you want to visit? Seeing the location on a map helps you to better visualise the area and how convenient it will be for you.

Read guest reviews published within the last year. These will give you a good idea of what you can expect during your stay.

Make use of price comparison websites. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, head to the hotel websites directly. Sometimes you will find the lowest rates when you book on the hotel’s website.

Contact the accommodation. If you’re unable to clearly determine certain important points, such as whether or not the property is close to public transport, contact the place directly.

Take your time and comb through the options out there well in advance of your trip, this will ensure that you get the best accommodation.

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