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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

by Yello Jul 25, 2019

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The digital age has made the competition for customer attention and sales, intense. Individuals are constantly bombarded with consumer messages and standing out in that very crowded sea can be very difficult for a small business with a limited budget. However, there are some digital marketing tips you can utilize to help your business stand out.

1. Know Who You Are – Sounds simple and pedestrian doesn’t it? However, the truth is one of the simplest reasons many businesses fail is by not being able to define who they are as a business. If you cannot define your brand, then you likely cannot define what makes it unique and if you cannot do that, then you cannot convince a potential customer that you are worth investing in.

2. Know Your Target Audience – Piggy-backing off the first point, if you cannot accurately define who you are as a business and a brand, then you may likely also struggle to accurately define your target audience. And if you cannot define your target audience, then you won’t really know how best to reach them. For example, certain target audiences are more attracted to specific social media platforms. Knowing your audience will help you accurately design your social media marketing strategy.

3. Have a Clear and Concise Strategy – Once you have established your brand identity and target audience accurately, the next step is to construct a clear and concise digital marketing strategy. A common mistake some businesses make with their digital marketing efforts is they try to be all things to everyone. For example, throwing out content on as many platforms as possible, etc. hoping something sticks. This is a surefire way to not only fail but also waste a lot of money that your business likely cannot afford to waste. Having a solid roadmap for what you want to achieve with your digital marketing efforts, e.g. your short-term and long-term goals, objectives, etc. is imperative to a successful digital marketing strategy.

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4. Quality Website – This is a given. You simply cannot have an effective digital marketing strategy without constructing a quality website. Your business website is the most effective hub for housing much of your digital marketing content, including your blog, lead generation forms, link to social media posts, company information, etc.

5. Mobile is Not an Option – We live in an age where most individuals have their entire lives attached to their hands at all time, via a mobile device. Long gone are the days when a business owner decided whether to have a regular website or a mobile-friendly one. Today it is simply a given to have a mobile-friendly website and ensure all the content you produce is mobile-friendly if your digital marketing efforts are to be successful.

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