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5 Digital Marketing Trends

by Yello Oct 17, 2019

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The following are a few key digital marketing trends, according to industry experts and thought leaders that all marketers and business owners must pay attention to and try and incorporate into their digital marketing strategies if they hope to be successful.

  1. Mobile Continues to Dominate – No surprise, mobile continues to dominate the digital conversation, and it is unlikely that this will be changing anytime soon. In fact, Google is moving ahead to create a separate mobile index to allow mobile users to get the same content, just as fast and up to date, as desktop users. The reality is we live in the age where a person’s entire life is attached to them at all times, via a smartphone. And as mobile continues to be a way of life for many, we can expect to see more innovative mobile technology and apps for smarter and faster information. And businesses and marketers need to stay informed and well versed in these changes to ensure success.
  • Think Content – Quality content continues to be essential to the success of digital marketing and is unlikely to change. Specifically, original, interactive, helpful and informative content. Marketers and business leaders must continue to understand and know their audience very well because that will help guide their knowledge of what kind of content their audience is more likely to positively react and respond to.
  • Influencer Marketing – The internet and more importantly social media have created a vast community of influencers with incredible reach. The influencer game has become such a big business that YouTube has recently implemented its own influencer branded platform, i.e. FameBit. The goal is to pair companies and brands with various content creators, i.e. influencers. The reality is influencer marketing will only continue to grow and evolve and marketers and business leaders will need to understand how best to leverage influencer relationships for their success.
  • Visuals Continue to Rule Content – We’ve probably all heard the fact that the brain processes images, 60,000 times faster than text. While text content is still important, data shows that the more pictures, videos, bold colours, etc. that is used in any piece of content, the higher the engagement. Forbes Magazine states that 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text. As content continues to be essential to the success of digital marketing strategies, so too will the use of visuals
  • Data-Driven Marketing – As a business, you cannot effectively cater to your target market unless you one, know who exactly your target market is and two, understand what it is they truly want and/or need from your business. Knowing and understanding these things requires quality data. The benefits of data-driven marketing are numerous and its relevance to successful digital marketing strategies will only increase.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – It probably seems like we’ve been hearing the term SEO for as long as digital marketing has existed and in truth, we probably have, as the two are closely intertwined. It is virtually impossible to have a successful digital marketing strategy without effective SEO.

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