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Antigua and Barbuda Celebrates 38 Years of Independence

by Karen Rollins Oct 28, 2019

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Antigua and Barbuda flag waving isolated cloudy sky background

Antigua and Barbuda will celebrate its 38th Independence Day on 1 November 2019.

Locals are encouraged to wear the national colours of red, white, blue, black and yellow and honour the island’s heritage and journey since it became an independent state in 1981.

A week of celebratory activities for Independence will include ceremonial parades, fashion shows, choir performances, cultural exhibits and steel pan competitions.

The largest food fair in Antigua and Barbuda also takes place during the annual Independence celebrations.

The fair, held on 1 November, provides a feast for food-lovers as they are treated to local delicacies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner served up by hundreds of vendors.

Some of the food on offer includes the country’s national dishes; saltfish and ducana, fungee and pepperpot. A wide selection of seafood from Barbuda is also available at the event.

Some of the sweet treats the fair’s patrons can indulge in are coconut sugar cakes, fudges, tamarind stews and multiple flavours of ice-cream.

So, grab your flag, sing the national anthem with pride and try some traditional cuisine at the food fair.

Happy Independence Antigua and Barbuda!

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