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Caribbean Destination Guide: St Lucia’s Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths

by Karen Rollins Aug 7, 2023

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Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in St Lucia.

A must-see attraction for both visitors and locals, the gardens are located in a sheltered gorge at the foot of the Pitons, near the town of Soufrière in the southwest of the country.

The multi-award winning location is spread across several acres and includes Diamond Falls Waterfall, the Botanical Gardens, a nature trail, mineral baths and spa and an onsite restaurant called the Old Mill.


Diamond Falls is a 17-metre high waterfall known for its volcanism and Sulfur Springs as well as the colourful flow of water which cascades over the rock face.

The Falls are said to be particularly picturesque due to the surrounding rainforest foliage, as well as the water which changes hue as it drops, because of a mixture of minerals, sulphur, copper sulphate, magnesium, iron, manganese and calcium.

The mineral baths and spa are fed directly from the dormant Soufrière Volcano, also known as the Sulphur Springs, and underground hot springs.

The baths were originally built in 1784 for the French troops of King Louis XVI, when it was believed the waters had therapeutic and curative powers for those suffering from various illnesses including rheumatism and arthritis. Now the tepid water is enjoyed by visitors as well as local bathers.


The Botanical Gardens are the oldest on the island, and showcase an array of flora and fauna, as well as stunning wildlife. Featuring flowering bushes and shrubs of every type and colour, which were planted by the owner of Soufrière Estate Joan Devaux, the gardens can be enjoyed all year round.

Opening hours (2023):

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm

Sunday: 10am – 3pm

Public Holidays: 10am – 3pm

Entrance fees (2023):

Adults: $7 (US) / $17.50 (EC DOLLARS)

Children: Half Price

Private Baths: $7 (US) – $17.50 (EC)

Public Baths: $6 (US) – $15 (EC)

For more information, visit the site’s official website – https://www.diamondstlucia.com/visit