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Destination Guide: Indian Town National Park and Devil’s Bridge, Antigua

by Karen Rollins May 9, 2022

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Devil's Bridge

Indian Town National Park is located at the northeastern end of Antigua, close to the village of Willikies and just before Long Bay.

The area was officially designated a national park in the 1950s and features acacia trees and shrubs, the remnants of an Arawak campsite, dramatic views of the ocean, and various hiking trails, which are ideal for birdwatching.

The most famous site in the park is Devil’s Bridge; a limestone arch carved over millions of years by reefs and waves, which offers a unique glimpse into Antigua’s natural formation. 

The bridge itself is impressive and so are the blowholes where the sea comes surging through at varying intervals (but stay back on windy days!).

According to local tradition, Devil’s Bridge is so-called because of the many enslaved Africans who would choose this spot to jump into the sea and die rather than continue to live in bondage on colonial plantations. The sea is particularly rough and dangerous in this area, so the story has some credibility, although there is no other physical evidence to substantiate the claim.

Despite its purported dark history, Devil’s Bridge is a popular picnicking spot and every year at Eastertime, the Antigua and Barbuda International Kite Festival takes place on its meadowed headland.

If you want to visit the area, you’ll find a few local tour guides offering trips.

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