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Yello’s Ultimate ‘Buy Local’ Caribbean Christmas Shopping Guide

by Karen Rollins Dec 12, 2022

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Christmas gift basket

Christmas is here again and it’s time to find a gift for family and friends that they will love.

In the Caribbean, we have so many talented people who can supply a present that is memorable, and which reflects the vibrancy and culture of our region.

Buying products and services within the Caribbean encourages our small businesses, boosts local economies, and ultimately benefits us all. Here are some Caribbean micro enterprises you can support this Christmas.


Caroline Corbin launched her Caribbean-based business, Coco Jewellery, to create handmade and affordable necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from stainless steel and other hypoallergenic materials.

More options:

Banz Caribbean (Barbados)

Bee Line Design and Jewelry (Cayman Islands)

Yaena Eugene (Dominica)

Fashion and Bags

A bag makes a great gift for women, men, and children. Barbadian entrepreneur Terry Goodman owns emerging brand, Vylet. She can create a personalised bag from the fabric of your choice.

More options:

Afrocessories (Trinidad)

Chantalle Designs (Barbados)

Kennard Browne (Guyana)


Kako Organics in St Lucia is owned and operated by Yvonne Layfield. Yvonne’s products are 100% natural and have no artificial scents or preservatives. The ingredients are grown on the island by local farmers, and she blends every item by hand for customers from around the world.

More options:

Bee Natural (Dominica)

The Body Bakerie (Barbados)

Food and drink

Raymond Thompson turns sweet potatoes into vodka in Barbados to produce his alcoholic beverage called Katspraddle. Raymond started experimenting in 2018 and since then his drink, which was initially a form of homemade gasoline, has won an international taste award.

More options:

Sweet Dreams (Antigua)

Ruby Rose Cakes (Barbados)

The Crafty Islander (St Lucia)

Arts and crafts

Anguillan crochet artist and designer Ava Carty started crocheting in 2016 and now offers a range of stunning items through her business ‘Beweavyn’. Ava makes tops, bikinis, hair accessories, hats, bags, keychains, and ornaments and is also available for custom projects.

More options:

MoltenWolf Glass (Bonaire)

Rocks by E (Barbados)

Absolute Stylez Crochet (St Lucia)

We hope you found this Caribbean shopping guide helpful. The brands mentioned are just a sample of the small businesses in the region offering Christmas presents you will not find anywhere else. Search FindYello.com for some more.

Merry Christmas from Yello.