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One Month of Merrymaking – It’s Aruba’s 70th Carnival Festival

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 5, 2024

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Aruba carnival

This year marks Aruba’s 70th Carnival celebration. It’s the biggest fete on our local calendar and is a significant attraction for regional and international visitors. With the month-long festivities from 1 January to 14 February 2024, numerous activities will occur. It’s going to be a month of merrymaking you’ll never forget!

So, what can be expected for Aruba Carnival 2024? All that makes the whole affair a delightful spectacle, from vibrant, glittering costumes to energetic music that keeps you moving even when you’re tired and stunning floats to contagiously happy faces. But that’s not all. There are our traditional parades, of which there are several. We’ll have our torchlight, children’s, Jouvert morning parades. Of course, we can’t forget our most extravagant and anticipated display, the Aruba Grand Parade.  

Along with the official events, many others will occur during the month. Typically, there are private parties, beach limes, jump-ups and more. Of course, visitors can also take the opportunity to enjoy other cultural aspects of our island, like our murals and street art. Also, amidst the excitement, don’t forget 14 February, Valentine’s Day. It offers a rare opportunity to end the festivities in a special way.

How do you make the most of Aruba Carnival 2024? You plan, and to help you, here’s the official Aruba Carnival schedule. Review the events and get ready to have a fantastic time.

Aruba carnival

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect:

  • Saturday 6 January – Torch Parade
  • Sunday 7 January – Prins and Pancho Election
  • Wednesday 10 January – Inscripcion Festival di Tumba
  • Friday 12 January – Children and Youth Tumba, and the Calypso Monarch and Road March Competitions
  • Saturday 13 January – Children and Youth Queen Election
  • Sunday 14 January – Aruba’s Carnival Queen and Mrs Carnaval Election
  • Friday 19 January – Jump in Event
  • Saturday 20 January – 52 Tumba Festival
  • Sunday 21 January – Children’s Balloon Parade
  • Wednesday 24 January – Champagne Carnival Group
  • Thursday 25 January – Dia di Betico
  • Friday 26 January – Caiso and Soca Monarch Semifinals Competition
  • Saturday 27 January – Children’s Parade Noord and the Caiso and Soca Monarch Finals
  • Sunday 28 January – Transfer of Command and Grand Children’s Parade Oranjestad
  • Wednesday 31 January – North International Sunset Parade
  • Friday 2 February – Schools’ Parade (Ondebouw) and Pre-Jouvert Events
  • Saturday 3 February – Jouvert Morning and Aruba’s Grand Lighting Parade
  • Sunday 4 February – Grand Children’s Parade San Nicolas and the Burning of Momito
  • Wednesday 7 February – Lighting Parade San Nicolas
  • Friday 9 February – Schools’ Parade (Bovenbouw)
  • Saturday 10 February – Grand Carnival Parade San Nicolas
  • Sunday 10 February – Aruba’s Grand Carnival Parade and the Burning of Momo
  • Monday 12 February – Carnival Monday and Chill-out Monday at Rodger’s Beach
  • Wednesday 14 February – Ash Wednesday

January offers many fun things to do in Aruba, beginning with the carnival activities. If you would like more information on the Aruba Carnival 2024, you can browse the VisitAruba website.