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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Help Your Small Business Soar in 2020

by Yello Jan 6, 2020

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The 2000s is officially no longer a teenager. And with the New Year well underway, it’s time for marketers and business owners alike to consider some of the key digital marketing trends, according to industry experts and thought leaders, they must pay attention to and incorporate into their strategies, if they hope to be successful. Here are six to help your small business soar this year and onwards.

  • Incorporate More Communication Channels Into Your Strategy – As the online battle for consumer attention gets fiercer every year, increasingly brands are recognizing that using the same tried and true methods over and over is simply not enough. This includes the various channels used to communicate with consumers. Of course the standard channels, such as email, social media, etc. still work. However, it’s time for businesses to consider newer and more off the beaten path options, such as private messaging ads (using apps like WhatsApp), chatbots, push notifications, sponsored posts on forums on sites like Reddit, etc.
  • Personalization is Key – The one size fits all approach to marketing does not work in a world where consumers are bombarded with hundreds of messages coming at them from numerous brands and businesses. Personalization is the key to successful marketing moving forward and it does not work without having a data-driven content approach. It’s all about powerful data insights that inform businesses and brands on who their target audience really is and what it is they want and are seeking.
  • Think Branding – One of the most powerful tools for helping any business truly stand out, is excellent branding. Because excellent branding is the difference between being seen as merely an athletic apparel company versus an inspirational lifestyle company that happens to sell athletic apparel (i.e., see Nike). Good branding tells your audience more than just what it is you sell and instead tells them who you are as a business and what makes you special.
  • Go Live – We’re all aware that social media and mobile, and particularly video content, will continue to soar. But what many businesses need to pay attention to moving forward, is live content. Research suggests that Facebook live stream saw a 330% increase in searches from 2016 to 2018. And according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 47% of video viewers worldwide are streaming more live video, versus a year ago. Many businesses are understandably still wary of the live trend, as the reality is a lot can go wrong when live. However, that authenticity and lack of perfection is sometimes exactly what appeals to many and allows consumers to feel like they’re seeing a more human side of brands. The options for live video are numerous – vlogs (video blogs), interviews, tutorials, webinars, conferences, etc.
  • More Interactive Content – Consumers, like most people, don’t like to be talked at. Most individuals prefer some form of two-way engagement, which is why research shows that interactive content works very well. And this trend is only going to increase in 2020 and beyond. This means putting forth less static content and trying to reach your consumers with interactive content, such as polls, quizzes, animated posts, etc.

And there you have it. Five key trends to help your digital marketing strategy soar this year.

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