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5 Tips to Help Your Business Win This Valentine’s Day

by Yello Feb 3, 2020

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s always a great opportunity for brands and businesses to leverage the occasion, to help increase sales. While it is easier for certain types of businesses to leverage Valentine’s Day into their marketing efforts (think retail companies, restaurants, etc.), there are still some ways, no matter your business, to take advantage of the celebration. Here are a few.

  • Show Customers Love – Valentine’s Day is after all, all about love. So what better time to celebrate your customers and show them some love? Reward long-time and loyal customers with a special discount offer or simply send digital cards wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day. Everyone likes to feel appreciated once in a while. Your customers are no different.
  • Go Social – Social media promotions are one of the simplest but also one of the most effective ways for businesses to leverage any holiday/celebration. And there is no shortage of ideas and social media tools to incorporate for an effective social media marketing promotion. Promotions that incorporate user-generated content are often a hit. For example, ask users to share their ideal Valentine’s Day travel destination, if you’re in the travel industry, or their favourite type of Valentine’s Day candy, all while having them tag your business in their posts.
  • Package Your Products – Create special Valentine’s Day packages/bundles to sell at special discounted prices. You can also create digital gift guides listing Valentine’s Day gift suggestions and email them to customers. To better personalize these suggestions, consider the individual’s past purchasing history. These obviously work best for businesses like a flower shop, candy shop, etc. which products are so closely aligned to Valentine’s Day. But with some creativity and thinking outside of the box, B2B companies may still be able to leverage the idea.
  • Run a “Why You Love Us” Contest – A little self-congratulatory, sure but why not? A great way to not only engage your customers but also gauge how they feel about your brand is to run a promotion asking them, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, to share why they love your products/business. Not only could this yield great user-generated content that you can repurpose for other content in the future, but it may also inform you of things about your brand that appeals to customers, that you may not have even realized.
  • Give Back – Like social media marketing promotions, cause-marketing promotions are also a fairly simple but highly effective way to leverage certain celebrations. A few examples include donating a monetary amount for every purchase of a certain item, donating a specified amount for a particular customer action, e.g. downloading your app, the one for one model, where the business donates one item for every, one that’s purchased, etc. Another popular and effective option is to partner with a non-profit for the day for a promotion that will benefit both businesses.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and contact Yello for all your digital needs.