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Date Night Tips for Busy Couples 

by Carolyn Lee Apr 22, 2019

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date night ideas for busy couples.

You have met someone that you are happy with. You’ve made time to get to know each other, but a busy schedule keeps cutting into the quality time that you need. Dates begin to either get postponed or cancelled.  

You want to keep the spark alive. What can you do? 

If it’s a relationship that you really want, start thinking about how to work around your busy schedule. The following suggestions may help. 

General advice: 

  • Compare schedules and find a night where you ‘hang out’ with each other without interruptions. Also, date night does not need to be the same night each week. 
  • Even on tough days, stick to your date night! You may have to modify a few things but keep the date. 
  • Change things up each week. The same routine will eventually become tiresome. 


Date night ideas 

Cook together 

This is an excellent way to bond with your partner and to enjoy each other’s company. This does not need to be a big production. However, if you have the time and the skills to make something awesome, go for it! 

Go out with friends 

Invite other couples to join you at home or go out with them for a date night. Activities such as a games night, dinner or a night cruise are fun with friends. These activities help in connecting the people you value. They also create new experiences that you can build on. 


Try ‘experience’ hunting 

Simply put, seek out the spaces where you can have fun together and create new memories. If you are adventurous, try a night beach, indoor rock climbing or a dub-session. For something a bit more chilled, try a sip and paint class, dinner at a fancy restaurant or a new play at the theatre. 

Long drives 

Date night can be what you want it to be. Long drives are great for talking to each other. They are also great for being silent with each other while appreciating the company. Think of all the plans, goals and ideas that you could discuss without the distractions at home or from others. 

Happy couple dancing in living room at home

Get physical 

Enjoy each other. If you want to dance, do it. If you prefer to chase each other around, do that. Have a relaxing bath together. Tell each other jokes while wrapped up on your sofa. The idea is to find a physical activity that you are both comfortable with and go for it! 

Anytime bonus: Treat your partner to love notes, small tokens and treats during the work week. These are great ways to keep that fire burning. 

Each relationship has a unique mix of personalities who already know a lot about each other. As such, feel free to modify any of these tips to suit your relationship. Most importantly, be there for the one you love. This is always a good way to keep the love flourishing.   


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