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Five of the Best Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

by Karen Rollins Aug 26, 2019

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Photo credit: cats_of_instagram

Instagram (IG) has taken social media by storm since it was launched in 2010 by creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

Today, the photo and video sharing app has one billion active users every month. Most of them are aged 35 and under which makes IG one of the most influential platforms on the planet.

Here, in no particular order, are five of the best Instagram accounts you should consider following.

Natgeo – 114 million+ followers

‘Experience the world through the eyes of National Geographic’. This account takes its millions of followers all over the globe with stunning images and videos from some of the best wildlife photographers.

In one day the NatGeo feed goes from Antarctica to Australia, and everywhere in between, while educating its audience on the climate crisis and respect for animals.

The images showcase nature at its best, and demonstrate just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful and diverse world, and share it with an array of dazzling creatures.

Nasa – 46 million+ followers

Nasa’s Instagram feed enables its followers to explore the universe from their phone.

Featuring exclusive images of Earth from space, as well as snaps of stars, constellations and planets, Nasa’s Instagram account is inspirational and educational and makes everyone want to be an astronaut!

Banksy – 6 million+ followers

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. Archway salvaged from Heathrow Airport.

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The irreverent British graffiti artist Banksy has ruffled more than a few feathers with his art installations, covering various topical issues including pollution, the refugee crisis, politics, terrorism and war.

Banksy’s Instagram account is just as thought-provoking and highlights some of his work from around the world.

The fact that only a few people know who Banksy is, or even what he looks like, adds to the air of mystery around this account where he posts teaser videos, his latest pieces, and auctions off his art for charity.

CatsofInstagram – 10.5m+ followers

Even if you’re not a fan of cats, this account might just change your mind.

It’s packed full of photos and videos of fur, whiskers, and bean toes with more cuteness than most people can handle. Cats are shown meowing, eating, being fussed over, and even playing with dogs.

All of this is for our entertainment, and it’s amazing how many hours can slip by while you watch a cat chase a laser light, drink water from a tap, or take part in a workout with its owner. This stuff is addictive!

HumansofNY – 9.3 million+ followers

Many people are familiar with the Humans of New York strand from Facebook and you can continue to see even more amazing real-life features on Instagram.

Originally started in November 2010 by photographer Brandon Stanton to capture images and untold stories from the streets of NYC, Humans of New York grew in popularity on social media because of its authenticity.

Now, the Instagram account highlights moving stories from all around the world, and aptly demonstrates we’re not as different from each other as we might think.

If you’re not on Instagram yet – what are you waiting for!

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