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How to stop your shoes from falling apart

by Stephanie Koathes Feb 27, 2017

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"rotting shoes"


You reach into the closet for that special pair of shoes, only to discover that it’s falling apart. We’ve all been there – the Caribbean climate eats shoes. The high temperatures and high humidity can wreak havoc on your footwear, but here are a few tips to help beat the dreaded rot.

  • Always clean and dry shoes before putting them in boxes (or tossing them in the back of the closet).


  • Stuff the shoes you don’t wear often with newspaper to help wick away the moisture that leads to rotting.


  • Lotion those leathers. Seriously! Moisturising leather shoes is important to help keep them in tip-top shape. Use a good shoe cream or leather conditioner to thwart potential cracking as a result of damage from the elements.

"rotten shoes"

  • Use photograph storage boxes to help preserve those special occasion shoes. Acid-free photo storage containers are great for helping to prevent deterioration.


  • Don’t just chuck your shoes on the ground. Use a rack or open-front cabinet to store and organise shoes you wear regularly; this will allow air to circulate around your shoes and help to prevent dust from collecting on delicate materials.


  • You know those little white silica packets you find in shoe boxes that say “DO NOT EAT”? Most of the time people throw them away – don’t! They’re pretty handy when it comes to keeping your shoes from crumbling away. The silica gel within the packets absorbs the humidity in the air and keeps the shoes ‘fresh’ for longer.

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