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This February Join Aruba in Celebrating 69 Years of Merrymaking – Aruba Carnival 2023

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 1, 2023

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Aruba carnival

While some countries may ease into a new year, in Aruba we do things differently.

We advance into each new year jovially continuing our celebration of Aruba Carnival. It’s no wonder we’re known to be one happy island, and why not? There is a lot of excitement from November to February. Usually, Christmas brings lots of merriment and that takes us through to the New Year’s celebrations which in turn peter out into the full brunt of our Carnival activities.

As is customary, January came and with it several annual Carnival events for all to enjoy. Now, February has arrived and we continue in celebratory mode. This is the month we launch fully into our Carnival extravaganza which culminates all too soon on 19 February, the Burning of Momo. Also, although every year is special, this one stands out as it marks our 69th year. We predict that after all the festivities, Carnival Monday will be appreciated for the respite it offers.

That said, what can locals and visitors alike look forward to for our 69th year of Aruba Carnival? Firstly, a larger crowd of smiling faces as each year the festival grows. Then, of course, colourful costumes, rousing music and lots of dancing in the streets. There will be a host of activities over the next couple of weeks, with the parades being a major highlight.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect for Aruba Carnival 2023:

  • Saturday 4 February – The Children’s Parade Noord and The Grand Tumba Contest
  • Sunday 5 February – Transfer of Command and The Grand Children’s Parade Oranjestad,
  • Wednesday 8 February – The Sunset Parade
  • Friday 10 February – Caya Paden and Jouve City
  • Saturday 11 February – Jouvert Mourning and The Lighting Parade
  • Sunday 12 February – Grand Children’s Parade San Nicolas and the Burning of Momito
  • Thursday 16 February – Parada di Luz
  • Friday 17 February – Carnival ta Bida
  • Saturday 18 February – San Nicolas Grand Parade
  • Sunday 19 February – Aruba’s Grand Carnival Parade and the Burning of Momo
  • Monday 20 February – Carnival Monday
  • Wednesday 22 February – Ash Wednesday

Stop searching for things to do in Aruba and come join us! For more information on Aruba Carnival 2023, you can go to the VisitAruba website.