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Try These Tips Before Your Next Online Shoe Shopping Venture

by Lou-Ann Jordan Nov 21, 2022

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Shoe shopping can be an aggravating task. It’s frustrating to buy shoes only to discover later it’s not as comfortable as in the store because the heel is way too high, the shoe too narrow, or even too small.   

Here in the Caribbean, a popular view on shoes is that “too big is a fit, and too small can be stretched,” with an untold number of Caribbean mothers uttering those words! While that may have been the ‘ole time’ saying, it has been proven that wearing ill-fitting footwear can have long-term repercussions. 

University Health Services advises that “wearing good shoes can help you feel your best and help prevent injuries. Shoe choice can affect your whole body, not just your feet.” That said, you must try to buy comfortable footwear, especially if you’re on your feet for long hours. 

Another factor in shoe shopping is buying them online. Virtual shopping for footgear can be even more frustrating than in person, but it can be done.  

Many shoppers enjoy buying shoes online and have a track record of finding an excellent fit with each purchase. What’s their secret? Well, we’re about to let it out of the bag. With many of us now preferring to hit up our favourite stores’ websites rather than walk into a brick ‘n mortar shop to make purchases, we know this article will be helpful. 

Here are some tips to help you buy and, most importantly, wear a pair of shoes that fit well and look terrific. 

  • Measure your feet. Don’t guess your size! Take accurate measurements of the length and width of your feet. Such measurements will guide you, especially when determining if you need a narrow or wide fit. It’s best to measure at night to get an accurate size because it’s common for feet to expand during the day. 
  • Decide whether you need wide-width shoes. Although most of us know if we need wide shoes (usually you can tell by looking at your feet), some may find it difficult. Vaneli advises paying attention to whether your feet generally fit the length and width of your shoes. If you often find a lot of room on the sides, you have narrow feet. On the other hand, no space resulting in tightness means you have wide feet. 
  • Check brand sizes and compare conversion charts. Armed with your measurements, check the site’s size chart. Also, you may find you need to review size conversion charts. Consulting a size conversion chart is critical because US, British and European sizes vary. Click here for a shoe size conversion chart for men and women. 
  • Examine the shoe. In addition to checking the sizes, take a good look at the shoe. Click the images, view the different angles, and zoom in. Also, be sure to read the description and pay close attention to the material and design. For example, arch support is a necessity. Additionally, check the height to determine if you’ll be comfortable walking in them if buying heels. 
  • Review the return or exchange policy. We know you don’t want to return a shoe recently purchased. However, it will be beneficial to look at the store’s return policy, primarily if the shoe stop is located overseas. 
  • Read the reviews. Reviews can be beneficial when deciding on a purchase. Through another shopper’s shared experience, you can determine whether you want to try the product or not. 
  • Start cheap. Start with an inexpensive pair if it’s your first time purchasing a shoe online or at a particular store. If it doesn’t fit well, you won’t have spent too much money, and that will leave you with less regret. 

So, to experience the joy of shoe shopping, all it takes is a little more effort and time, but it will be worth it. You want to be sure that when you choose your footwear, it fits just right. Your whole body will thank you for it! 

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