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20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for New Couples

by Carolyn Lee Feb 5, 2024

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20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for New Couples 2

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and many couples are looking for gift ideas to help them find the perfect gift for their partner. If your relationship is new, there might be some things you may still need to learn about your partner, making finding the perfect gift difficult but not impossible. Here are some ideas to help you decide what to buy for your new partner.

How do you know what to do?

If this is your first Valentine’s Day together, talk to your partner about how you want to spend the day. This conversation will give you some ideas of what your partner expects. If they’ve repeatedly talked about getting flowers, a new restaurant, or an attraction they’d love to experience, research how you can surprise them with that gift.

What makes a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift?

When it comes to gift-giving, it helps to be thoughtful. Your partner wants to see that you’ve been paying attention to what they like or express an interest in having. You can consider personalising the gift with an inscription, video, or photo to delight them.

What are some gifts you should consider?

You can consider giving a tangible, intangible gift, or both. Physical gifts include jewellery, chocolate, flowers, books, artwork, and other objects. However, intangible gifts are experiences like an intimate dinner, an overnight or weekend getaway, spa treatments, or a tour. It is essential that you are thoughtful, present, kind, and honest with your new love.

20 Valentine’s Day gift items

  1. Concert or event tickets.
  2. Bespoke, favourite, or desired jewellery.
  3. Fragrances.
  4. Evening or afternoon beach excursion/tour.
  5. Cocktail tools kit with recipe cards.
  6. Assorted liquor (wine, rum, vodka, whisky).
  7. Skincare products.
  8. An adventure tour (zip-lining, rafting, horseback riding).
  9. A tour (beer, rum, historical site, or museum).
  10. Paid gym membership.
  11. Fitness gear.
  12. Books or bespoke stationery.
  13. Money.
  14. Spa treatments.
  15. A gift subscription to a hobby class (cooking, dancing, arts and crafts).
  16. Date night dice.
  17. Beard grooming kit.
  18. An intimate dinner with a private chef.
  19. Dinner at a romantic or new restaurant.
  20. Inscribed technological device (phone, laptop, tablet).

We hope these ideas help you select a gift your partner will love. Please use Find Yello for businesses that may have the products and services you need to make the day special. Good luck!

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